Look, we are all in this together and now more than ever we need to look at how best we can maintain at least some level of business activity and plan for the future.

The covid virus may change for many the way they shop,  interact and spend their time and money. The next few months will see a rise in usage of the internet and online sales because people will be shopping from home. 

No matter what business we are in, we need to either take action, reinvent our business or put our heads in the sand and hope it will be alright.

I have been supporting a number of both on and offline businesses for many years and want to work with you to help in these lean times to look at the possibilities of changing focus, building on what you already have online or assisting with an idea you have about starting out in the online business world.

My consultation is FREE and can be via Messenger, WhatsApp or email, we can explore together options, to start, build or maintain an online presence. which I will be offering for next to nothing at this stage, yes there may be a small charge for services, just to keep us all going for now.


Businesses need to be ready for this change and during the crisis adapt appropriately to support people in their homes and keep their sales stable. Many small businesses will suffer due to the lack of foot fall into their premises, for example this may mean home delivery or diversification of your offer.

To be able to support people this way and keep your business afloat during this unprecedented time it is imperative that your online presence, whether it is a web page or social media is easy and accessible to the online shopper.

My job is exactly that, to support businesses with their on line business, I will work with you to ensure that your business is seen by all major search engines. I can help with building sites or supporting online marketing. I work with single handed businesses to larger companies.


This invaluable service helps you increase the traffic to your site and keep you afloat during this crisis and beyond. It  comes with a price as I also am in business! But whilst we are all in the same boat I am happy to work with you. 

Dominus Owen Markham

By Caveman

Entrepreneur, Writer, Online Marketer, Web Developer, Business Coach, , Cafe Lover, Geek - Motto - Carpe Diem

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