Out of office, a message written in the sand at the beach.

Out of office, or am I? 

So I decided to take a few days off going to see the sea, something I haven’t done for maybe 18 months to 2 years. 

The sea, being near the sea, is a draw, not primary to my life, but something I feel a need to do at times. 

Take time “out” and check my life plan… 

But, when I put the “Out Of Office” sign up I will always feel the need to continue tinkering with my businesses. 

Yes, the laptop lifestyle, a cliché but actually one that Is a reality for me… a greater percentage of what I do can literally be worked on (yup work is involved) anywhere there is an Internet connection. 

The net connection in my current location isn’t the best to be honest, but here I am tapping away a post to go out later, on my mobile phone, edited on Google docs and easily transferred to one or more of my websites/blogs or email lists later. 


12 Minute Affiliate System


This morning at around 0430, from the balcony of my room, I watched fishing boats out in the dark toiling for their living. Much respect for those risking their lives that we may enjoy the fruits of their labour. 

A little later I worked on a newsletter I publish weekly for an Ecom outlet then crafted a new campaign for one of my niche email lists. 

Then breakfast, local fare, bread, cheese, ham, tomato, coffee, whilst checking the latest emails but with a sun, sea and sand vista before me. 

So, am I boasting? 

I guess many would think or say that but really I am just trying to make a point. 

I have had many conventional jobs, done the 9 to 5, done the permanent night shift rota filling supermarket shelves and employment at a different level, Operational Manager, Technical Manager even 7 years in the Armed Forces, the latter is my all time favourite “job” but…… 

Six or seven years ago I decided, the side hustles I had run for a decade along side the J. O. B. was something to focus on. I wanted to call the shots and become fully self employed. 

And it doesn’t come with an easy quick start push button option, no matter what adverts you see. Nor does it necessarily come overnight. 

And the but? Well, when you work on things that create an income online, or even your own offline business, you know its for YOU! And knowing its by you and for you pays its own psychological dividends. 

As an aside, but with some relevancy, I think, as I sit sipping coffee looking out at the beach and sea…. An elderly man has just done his afternoon walk down the promenade, stopping just now to rest on the wall, a youngish guy have stopped nearby the older guy, with him is a boy of about 2 years… All with their masks on….. 

My point? 

The elderly guy is aware of the rules, he is conforming but also has a wealth of life knowledge that has seen him through his life, never anticipating a society masked against a hidden foe. 

The younger guy, there with his boy, will no doubt be battling with these uncertain times in an unstable economy…. His son… There in a mask at 2 years old, knows nothing of society, what it was, is and may be when it matters most to him.. He has spent half his life in a protective mask…..

So, what am I saying to those of you who have read this far? 

There has never been a “better” time than now, if you have even an inkling of a thought of working for yourself… to actually make that decision and start to progress your ideas. 

And my advice, no matter what business or service is that you MUST HAVE 5 things:

  1. Access to someone who knows the ropes in the self employed world 
  2. A website 
  3. A quality autoresponder 
  4. An understanding it may take a little monetary investment and time
  5. An ability to avoid the BS*

*1 will help with 5 🙂 

Bottom line is, motivate yourself, and DO THE WORK…..once you start and begin to see some results, keep building, keep creating levels of content.

Buying a domain name can be an investment of $5 to $15 a year on average, wordpress which will help you build a website…FREE (you can invest on making everything pretty at a later date), hosting…around $5/month……an autoresponder, keeping in mind you will be starting with little or no list will be around $15/month.  Those are your basics, your actual necessities, dont let those shiny button adverts convince you that there is “no website needed”……your website IS YOUR business, YOUR brand……if you are serious, these things are small potatoes in respect of setting up your own business.

Consider what you want to do to make money….do you have an offline service or product….would you like to promote other peoples products or services, as an affiliate? Would you like to write about something close to your heart…..and monetise that? Would you like to teach online?…..options are only limited by your imagination and there is always a way to make money online….IF you put the work in.

OK, so my ramble from the coast of Spain, is pretty much over, but I will close by saying, if I can, YOU CAN….if you need help, guidance, pointers on where to start…..you now have ME…if I dont know the answers, I will know someone that does and if you need tools to help you I can send you off in the right direction.

I will list some of my websites below, but I am also available on Facebook:                                    https://www.facebook.com/DominusOwenMarkham 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dominusmarkham/ 
Twitter:      https://twitter.com/MoonCreationsUK

Whatsapp: +34 621 20 98 59






Annnnnnd a few more…..but lets leave it there ha

Best Regards

Dominus Owen Markham



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