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A Man Of A Certain Age

Well, this post is all about me, of course lol

Today, the date this will go live, is my Birthday and should travel plans go well, I will be with friends in NYC, a place I find very special and this will be my fourth visit.

The trip isnt just for the sake of having a holiday but to mark a particular birthday, becoming what is regarded, and I prefer to highlight, “the new 40″……I just think its another 26th Birthday, because internally thats where I feel I am.

Age and time are a strange concept and not one I want to discuss on a scientific basis, but we all know how we feel, fit for our age, or not so, good at remembering things way back in the past or not….age actually isnt always the main cause of these levels.

But, much like New Year, it can be a time of reflection, a time also of looking forward, some people of a “certain age” withdraw and feel its time to move to the “waiting room” and wait for the chap with his classy black gown and sickle…..and for me?

Well, yes, I am looking back, but looking at back in order to see what I have learnt, what I have gained from the ups and downs of life all of which are an inevitability, but also I look where I am now.

Am I happy with who I am? What I have become? What I may have achieved?


I am comfortable with who and what I have become and things I have achieved…..BUT…

I always look forward also, whilst living in the day, as they say, I have a mindful eye on what I still want out of life, and what my game plan is to attain that.

My family and friends are important to me, though I am often guilty of neglecting to communicate and I think they kind of accept that from me….and I am not saying thats a good trait, far from it………..a facet of me perhaps I should work on more going forward?

So, all rambling aside, whats my take away from the years I have been kicking around?

Life can be hard, and not always for oneself, but for those around you that you may hold dearly, people can be harsh, politics and governments corrupt in their guise of working in our best interests, progress on this planet has tainted it……..gosh how grim this sounds…..

However, my main take away is, there are some great people, fantastic communities, brilliant invovations and above all still HOPE……a hope that things will turn around in this twisted society we live in.

Live in Hope, allow your self to dream and always aim to achieve your ultimate dream.

Hopefully I will be quaffing some fine rum and drawing on a quality cigar at some point today……so hey, thanks for reading…..time to LIVE!!!

Dominus Owen Markham
“Carpe Diem”

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