You know that feeling….you get to the end of your favourite sauce, you know there’s still just enough for one more serving so you grab some vinegar and put a few drops in, give it a swizzle, and hey presto….you GOT VALUE for money.

The washing up liquid, is pretty much done, hah, no stopping you is there, crack the lid off and swill it with water, boom!

How satisfying is that…..ensuring you wring every last drop out?

OK, so let’s say you work in the MMO (Make Money Online) space…you’re a seasoned product creator and know how to get a good sales page together and the nuts and bolts of a system that premotes offers.

Now, you’ve done well with many of the products in your library, in fact maybe even made thousands….but hell, that was a year or more ago….that monies spent (whether on life’s essentials or on marketing costs).

So what do YOU do, to wring every last drop out of those products?

Well you use a little of you marketing budget to create a “Super Shiny Button” Offer, a system that allows “Anyone…Even A Newbie” to make bank…sound good so far?

The idea is you sell this “product”, big launch, clever name, nice sales video, low front end ticket…..something some of your current buyers list may well both buy and promote…nice.

Now what you are doing is actually building a front end that people, both new customers and current, pay for……yup, with me so far?

When things are low ticket front end, they tend to be a hyped up guideline, bar bones system…something customers may well get a small amount of value from, maybe even a couple of 100% commissions (on $12.95?!)……I know you are the point of saying “Yesss…..buts whats YOUR POINT Dominus?)

madsense reborn 2 cash

Well the pitch is system containing “Proven To Convert Products”….”Products You Will Get No Questions Asked Instant Approval To Promote…Even If You Are A Total Newbie”….see all that value?

But wait a minute, if you are a stone cold newbie, how do you effectively promote these products……”Dont Worry We Got Ya Covered….Upgrade 1 Gives You A Stack Of Done For You Emails Specifically Written To Promote These Products……A Steal At And Extra $27″….even that will be tempting ESPECIALLY IF you are a total newbie.

So, what are the products going to be? Well you are going to give them access to say 10 “Proven To Convert” products, they can have 100% commission on the Front End (initial product) when someone buys through the guaranteed to get affiliate link……proven to convert? Yes of course, you sold around 2000 units when they each launched last year!

Are you starting to get it yet?

You are doing 2 things here, bringing in a new lead (when you sell this concept) and a new affiliate (or one that is fired up by the chance to promote these golden products)……best part…..they are paying you for the honour of promoting the old products!

Whilst I can confirm, many products or systems can be classed as “evergreen”, so they still have value at some level, getting people to sell the “old models” is well and truly “Wringing Out Every Last Drop”…because you know, even if each affiliate only picks up one or two sales, thats another couple of “buyer leads” that are also possibly going to start promoting the offers…..

Its a little like saying, “here, I have a stack of old mobile phones, they all work fine….if you pay me I will let you sell them as long as I get the address of the buyers so I can market them some associated stuff…deal?”

Something to watch for…..there are a LOT of Big Names out there doing this and for me, I dont see they are offering true value to their customers, just my opinion peeps!

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