Times are hard…….well yes, they are and of course we see times as being hard because of the limitations of COVID…


If you have a website/blog OR want one, you will ALWAYS want Visitors.

Now, some of you with websites already may be finding your visitor statistics are low…..some of you may not even know what your current visitor statistics are…..is that YOU!?

Having a website or blog “out there”, it is never a case that “build it and they will come”, because quite frankly, NO they WONT.

Yes, you may get visits to your website because you pop the link over to your friends and family, perhaps drop it into the odd Facebook post….but do you know how many visit as a result of you giving out your website name?

This is really important people, you need a stratergy to ensure you are getting:

a) constant visitors

b) visitors that are already interested in what your site is selling.



Website Visitors, or Traffic as it often termed, is my business, not only for my website clients, but also for my own websites (of which I have several…..more of that another time). I have worked online for 3 decades, I have experience in building websites from the ground up, I know how to get the Great God Google to recognise that a website exists (yes, if you dont tell Google in a certain way you will get little or no organic visitor).

I can help you turn on the tap of visitors to your website, and if you want help feel free to email me helpme@dominusmarkham.com
Until Next Time
Dominus Owen Markham
P.S. If you looking to Scale & Automate Your Online Business I have put together an in depth report that will assist you in your journey

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