Unsustainable futures

We live in a world that is ever increasing its food output, more mouths to feed means more factories built.

We use our animals like slaves to feed our unrespectful mouths.This is not sustainable nor is the ever increasing population.

Animals are not here to feed us and be abused by us. We do not need to eat them. We can not keep building factories ,we can not produce the food it takes to maintain animal feeds on a mass scale.

Our ozone layer is destroyed by this mass production of cattle, maybe a sign to change our ways?

It surprises me in modern day with so much information about all things concerned still the world of humans is rendered blind and stupid.

I feel disgusted humans have not only tortured the planet through mass productions and everything else but continue to abuse our rights as a species to even be here.

I hope to see great changes in my life time but I fear it is too late with such heartless selfish individuals walking this earth. Thinking there are no problems is naive to say the least.

Simple changes make huge differences,remember we are a huge mass that has the power as a whole to make earth a beautiful place full of nature not burning factories,slaughtered animals,destroyed rainforests and raped minerals.

✓ Make a change, make it now.

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By Caveman

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