And as the sun drifts from view, we may, or may not take account of the day behind or consider that before us….hey even both.

Watching the sun in all its swagger retreat behind either a natural land mass or perhaps a city vista, will, in most people, promote a thought process, perhaps melancholy or sentiment….I am sure for most the celestial movements provoke a feeling of some kind.

As we review we learn, hopefully, was it right,was it not, rinse and repeat or discard…..truth is that should be the ongoing thought process….try to make it so, that your assessment and learning is in tune more with the now than retrospective…for the past can not be undone, the future can however be planned based on knowledge.

The light has now retired, in my time zone at least and the mystical darkness draws about me……my thoughts?….ah….perhaps another time….

By Caveman

Entrepreneur, Writer, Online Marketer, Web Developer, Business Coach, , Cafe Lover, Geek - Motto - Carpe Diem

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