A little while ago I read an article which covered the concept of business transparency and want to extol the virtues of this.

To be fair, for all of my life I have striven to be transparent in my business endeavours. Whilst people are now seeing this as the next sales mantra, I see it as an obvious natural code to build business by.

People do build business with, shiny buttons, exaggerated claims, smoke and mirrors…. Yes, I am saying it can be and IS done..

However, utilising the above methods creates a lower return customer base, higher discontent with services or products, facilitating negative referrals.

Transparency of service promotes a supplier/customer environment that grows mutual loyalties and thus a continued relationship which benefits both sides.

So, “Transparency…?”, I hear some people question… Yes, transparency, an openess and honesty, far removed from the glitz and heavy branding that offers much and yields less.

Unfortunately I do not see any day soon when the great god Google will be able to create an algorithm to assess true transparency.

The way forward is to create a commonly agreed standard by which business owners can, if willing, signpost and guide their aspirations for the “T Factor”.

Digital “soap boxes” (social media) will facilitate the gathering of like minded people in their “T Factor” endeavours and, hopefully, promote the real people in business to clients more readily than those who dream weave the public with shaky promises.

For me?… Business as usual, “T Factor” a code I see as being my modus operandi and more than happy to promote this ideal to help both customers and those offering services to them.

To Our Continued Success

Dominus Markham

By Caveman

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