Well, obviously they have a lot of experience and will set you on the road but…. And it’s a big but (lol)… they will never give you ALL of the pieces of the jigsaw.

Why? Obviously if they give you everything in their $1000 training, you stop being a customer and become a competitor diluting their potential income…. Hmmmmm

The way I see it is, and yes “been there worn the tshirt” as the saying goes, we are all in business together and therefore we work WITH each other (radical huh?)… pool resources, network and produce VALUABLE products and services.

Ok, if you’re still reading, I am looking to work with 5 people, not as the boss but perhaps in a place where I am lucky enough to have the “key’s to the kingdom” but perhaps not enough hours in the day to cope with it all myself…

We need to work together… And I want people to see this as an opportunity, I am not charging anything, my profit will be the same as yours…. We can talk about that.

So, anyone up for a project?

Contact me and lets network and kick some ass!!!

Dominus Markham

By Caveman

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