Oops,  I almost felt your ears prick up at the mere mention of this subject in a world both currently and historically apportioning much negativity to it.

I was brought up in a very religious home,  Sunday School,  Church Mass Sunday Mornings and noteable religious feasts/celebrations.  I was even confirmed into the Church at the age of 13….this signpost did not sit well with me,  my beliefs were taught,  not given by a greater power….. Are you cringing?

Ok,  so religion is not my thing,  however I have no ill will or bad karma for those that have religion in their lives and enjoy the communion of like minded people.

Religion,  in my opinion,  and in many of its guises has positively impacted society as much as not. Right,  give me a hand to step off my soap box….. The image I found on the wibbly web a few minutes ago prompted this post. Sent from BlueMail

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