Insomnia is a condition I have lived with for more than a decade.

So there it is,  many suffer with this inconvenience,  some no doubt at both a greater and lesser extent than I.

I have sought medical advice,  utilised about every remedy out there, with little ease.

On the positive side,  I do see benefits in that I gain more productive time than the average person.

My sleep range is anywhere from 20 minutes to 3 hours.  The cycle goes on but hits a peak every 4 or 5 weeks where it appears suddenly my body says,  “thats it,  have some kip”.

Subsequently sleep envelopes for maybe 4 to 5 hours.

Then,  the next night I enter “cold coffee nights”.  These are nights where I will be wide awake with a coffee at hand,  fall asleep “at the wheel” (figuratively speaking,  fall asleep reading or working)

Sleep takes me for 15-20 minutes,  awaking,  feeling as if I have enjoyed a nights slumber but finding a cold coffee and that the clock has advanced little.

Point of this post,  there isnt,  only perhaps to those who also meander through the twilight hours,  fleetingly dance with dreams with scant memory of a full nights sleep.

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