…. tunnel

A popular saying,  a phrase based on hope,  do you have it?

If you don’t then you need to reprogram your mindset…. The light is always there,   and not with any religious connotations,  it is however about belief.

A belief in who you are,  who you really are,  not the persona you offer to employers,  friends,  family or even tbe mirror…. Who,  are you,  what is buzzing around your head,  what do you want or need to get out there to level where you are in life?

Everything is achievable, BUT you need to know yourself, know what you want and what is needed to get there. And have self belief…. One life,  one shot… I actually think there is more to it than that….. More of that another time.

When you aim for the light and “miss” do not give up…. The light will still be there…. Science,  if you believe in it lol,  tells us that energy can NOT be destroyed,  but can take another form.  Thus if you miss it,  it will still be there but you may need to look for it in its different guise.

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