When we hit the wall, something we all do and in many areas of our lives, whether it be in physiological, emotional or financial facets. The Artist/Author “Wall” is an indeterminable barrier to be broken down often more than once even in the same project, perhaps even in the same day!

Scribblers, as with other artists are generally brimming with multiple ideas, things they want to get out there and usually NOW before they lose the creative impetus to formulate it as they have seen it.

Life, events, the complexity of the human mind will ALWAYS attempt to throw out a trip wire on our journey and then build the big blank before us……so what can we do about it?

The Wall can come at points where we attempt to fit snippets of writing into a busy day. Many people write as a secondary to another job or busy domestic life. So we need to schedule writing into our lives. Its fine to grasp inspiration during the course of a day and scribble notes, that’s the creative artist in us…..BUT, save the development of those notes and ideas for the scheduled time put aside on a daily or weekly basis. The excitement built in looking forward to creating in a more structured time slot will reduce the potential of the block.

When we are facing the wall during a project or perhaps considering a starting point for one and we are just unable to break through, we need to distract ourselves….read other works, visit a different location outside the usual workspace, listen to music, doodle. This is much the same as when we are trying to remember the name of the famous actor, the wonderful place we saw a great place to eat…..distract the mind and nine times out of ten the mind will randomly give us that eureka moment.

Above all else, we must not brow beat, but understand the normality if this wall and try to network with other like minded people, helping others in similar situations will help.

By Caveman

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