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Social Signals and Website Backlinks 

Do You Want To Rank?

The Web 2.0 Blog Post Backlink Package heavily boosts your rankings.
You get a backlink from an article / blog post from a Web 2.0 site. This article is absolutely content related to your niche. Introducing Web 2.0 Blog Backlinking Services!

Boost your search engine rankings safely and naturally!

  • Are you interested in swiftly increasing your website’s search engine ranking for any keyword phrase which you desire?
  • Do you wish to see rapid gains in your search engine rankings in not months or years, but in just a few weeks?
  • Are you afraid of trying new online search engine optimization (SEO) services out of fear that your sites will get blacklisted or penalized by the top search engines?


Here’s how it works:

First, you provide us with your website and the keyword terms that you are trying to rank for. 

Next, we will create for you a highly unique spin ready seed article made from ten high-quality articles that are each relevant to your niche market and keyword terms. 

Finally, depending on the number of backlinks that buy from us.
We will go out and create for you several unique, one hundred percent Copyscape friendly articles, equal in number to the total amount of backlinks that you ordered!

So, for example, if you buy 25 backlinks from us, you will end up with 25 unique articles that each contain your backlink in a different place in content so that way there are no traceable footprints that the search engines can find and hurt you for.

But that’s not all!
Each valuable backlink that you receive from us carries with it its own unique ip and domain name as well.
This way you end up with the only the best kind of link juice that is passed on to your website… 
Well now you can finally put all your SEO nightmares to rest!

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Every Order of our Web 2.0 High-Quality Blog Backlinks Includes 

  • Dofollow and Nofollow links
  • Unique and niche related content
  • Get fresh backlinks which you can use on an unlimited number of websites
  • Use a unlimited number of keywords as anchor texts
  • Link diversified backlinks so that your site is being boosted from a range of only the highest quality sources.
  • Receive a fully detailed backlink report that will be sent out to you at the completion of your order
  • Average turnaround time of just 24 hours or less!

So what are you waiting for? All of the backlinks that you will receive from us are 100 percent search engine safe. And to make your order even more effective…. We will make sure to index each one of your backlinks using instantlinkindexer for free!

In fact, we will even drip feed your indexing over a period of ten days because our SEO specialists have found out that it is this specific pacing that will give you the best results, guaranteed!

So now you can rest assured that each one of your new backlinks will be quickly and safely indexed and given even more valuable link juice by the top search engines in no time!

Features of Web 2.0 Blog Post Backlinks

  • No spam guarantee ! Every backlink is placed on low OBLs sites. The link giving page have mostly just your link as external link.
  • Contextual / One Way Backlinks.
  • Unique Content 100% Copyscape passed articles
  • FreeSpeed-Links.net Submission to get your backlinksindexedby google
  • Your keyword(s) as anchor text
  • Link Mix of dofollow / nofollow
  • Very detailed report (Report.xlsx including published Web 2.0 post URLs)
  • Unlimited URLs !.txt upload available
  • Fast order delivery. Mostly less than some hours
  • Special chars support like Chinese, Greek etc…
  • Affordable prices
  • Improves your Link/IP/Domain diversity
  • Over delivery by 15%



Buy Web 2.0 Blog Post Backlinks

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