There are, at the time of writing, some 67 Wars in Progress involving 700 plus Militias & Terrorist Separatist groups…..did you know that?

Did you think there to be just a smattering of conflict? Hmmmmm

The title, that of a famous book, but relevant to my script, says it all…..they go hand in hand. In order to maintain Peace sometimes war is a resultant and necessary action.

My pedigree, from a long line of servicemen, Father was in the Army for 23 plus years, worked to the rank of Warrant Officer having started his service as a boy soldier. He saw conflict, much conflict and at one point spent 5 years, yes 5 years, in Suez in a conflict which we, as a country believed in. 5 years he spent away from his family, not knowing if he would see them again, never in the 5 years was he able to get a flight home to see his loved ones….5 years of his life, and ours, were in a combat zone.

His father, my Grandfather saw and served in 2 wars, World War One and World War Two. In the first of these he was gassed, shot, encountered shrapnel wounds and battled in trench warfare….and during that time, he earned a Military commendation for leaving the “safety” of his trench to rescue his Sergeant who had been wounded in no mans land.

My service and training in the Royal Air Force meant I was conversant with more weaponry than the SAS were trained in. When I signed up the IRA were playing their games and focusing both civilian and military targets…at the point my initial and trade training completed scuds started flying in Iraq. I know only too well the chill the sound of air raid sirens brings upon a person.

War is real, not just a news filler, casualties are real, not just a statistic………………….so why???

I have my thoughts/opinions and feel many service people will connect with this……….being a trained killer is not about the want to kill, it is about the want to protect loved ones and the fabric of society and culture that you believe in ¬†and of course stay alive yourself.

Having been in some situations which were a “them or us” scenario, I get it, that part comes down to a primeval sense of survival…..but the cause and reason for being there, whether you believe in a Monarchy or not, is fundamentally to protect what you believe in and the people you love.

Service people are a very close knit group, they have a deep understanding of people, particularly other service people….they are NOT a group of hoodlums armed and baying for blood…they are not looking for notches and medals….they are NOT cold blooded killers……….no, they are NOT cold blooded killers….they may be coerced into a situation where they may or will have to kill or be killed….this is a facet of the job they have been trained to do.

As a veteran, I understand it, “been there worn the tshirt”, unfortunately peace often comes at a price, the human nature that drives a lust for power and possession frequently results in conflict and the currency is often life.

At this time when we offer our remembrance please use this time to have thoughts for ALL of the wars both past and present, those service people, willing to put themselves forward to protect a society they feel worth doing so for.

I salute you all.


A Trained Killer


By Caveman

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