Well, here we are in 2024, hopefully, a milestone year for all of you out there.

For me, well, it may have seemed I had become a little lacking in posting on this blog over the least 6 months…which yes I had, but I have had quite good excuses for and that I will cover further down.

Firstly, the title: yes, I am refiring the blog as I want to ensure I deliver interesting and hopefully valuable information for you all. There may be times when the posts are just me ranting about the world at large, but hey “my blog = my rules” lol.

I have spent the last two days going back over the last 6 years of blog posts here and culled probably 80%… a bit harsh? Nah not really, they have become irrelevant in today’s terms, not even of any historical interest again apart from perhaps my cerebral musings ha.

One thing I would REALLY LIKE, is for more feedback from you all, perhaps you need some guidance in this online world, help with setting up your own blog or even a startup business…feel FREE to contact me, happy to give some free nudges in the right direction.

Use the form below to drop me a line and I will get back to you as soon as possible:

My excuses: The reason I have not done so much on here for some time is that I have had a few additional projects for private clients to complete and I am also working on 2 of my own that I will be revealing within the next 4 weeks. My projects are focused on helping people at every level and a lot of it will be either zero cost or very low ticket…times are hard, I get it so watch for upcoming news.

For now, you could also pick up what should be an interesting read, it’s a freebie that I put together: “How To Build High Ticket Offers You Can Sell As A Beginner” – you will also be added to a new and exclusive newsletter (yup still for free), that I will send you every week, packed with lots of valuable information.

OK, thank you for taking the time to check out this post, hope to see you on the next one.


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