Pull Up A Sandbag……

A military reference to indicate a yarn is to be told….

Most of you will only know that I am an Online Marketer (IM – Internet Marketer) and “do stuff to do with websites”, and that of course is my current status and that of a couple of decades.

However, I am ex British Forces, Royal Air Force Police and from a military family, something I am proud of, having served my country and the civilised world in times of war and terrorism as did my father and grandfather, both to much greater acclaim than I!

I know people have different attitudes to the military and there are those that do not understand what motivates someone to take up arms in the field of conflict in the defence of their country or their cultural belief…but hey, if you dont get it, I am not hear to preach or convert, just to let you know I am forever proud of those who have served in the name of what they believe is right and just and those who continue to serve.

Recently I connected with a fellow “scribbler” (my term for writer/author) who has served his country and mankind in MANY ways for several decades.



T.M.Anderson, Tom, is an author you really need to check out, ensuring you read his facebook bio and the type of writing he does.

Go! Go! Go! and buy his book…….and NO I do NOT get a commission for sales, I just want people to know about Tom as an author and as a veteran. I want people to be aware of what the military and security services in the civilised world DO.

Much respect Tom, chat soon fella!

Dominus Owen Markham








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