We offer a range of editorial, design, marketing, and translation services to authors and students publishing independently.

Independent authors and students can choose from the list of services the services that they need.

As well as offering you the opportunity to feature AND sell your work via either our site and/or create your very own ecommerce website,  the following are just a few of the quality services we offer to provide you with the best marketing and selling potential.

Publishing Services:


ISBN registration for your imprint

Cover Design & Layout:

Colour or Black and White

Editing and Translation:

Content editing
English-to-Arabic translation and vice versa.

– Translate website content, emails, native apps, news websites etc. from English to Arabic.

– Provide input for advertisements in Arabic.

– Perform research on most popular live events in Arabia and abroad.

– Copy type handwritten documents into electronic form.

Editing and translation including but not limited to:

– Websites
– Brochures
– User guides
– Product description
– Technical manuals
– Journalism and Press articles
– Documents
– Reports
– Thesis
–  Copy typing of Handwritten     documents.

Marketing Services:

*Author Website Set-up


    New Author Website Hosting
(Ask about the £49.99 start up offer)

*Internet Marketing

Online Marketing of work and/or author websites to increase traffic

Anything you feel is not included here may still be within our scope so please do drop me a line