Years ago, actually more like decades ago, the concept of businesses being open 24hrs a day, was actually just that and in no way a realistic proposition.

Times change and technology drives the desire for availability of products and services to be available on a whim, day or night and globally.

Running a 24hr business needs a deal of planning and market awareness.

Presentation, communication, payment processing, fulfilment, website maintenence, matters to plan and facilitate in order to operate in an open all hours arena.

Now, if you are new to online business the learning curve can be steep and insurmountable to some. On this I will give you advice based on experience, and not just mine, but that of many successful businesa people and entrepreneurs.

Dont go it alone!!!

Firstly, whatever your business idea, there will be people out there with experience in it, research them and how they have their online business set up.

Ensure you harness social media groups within your niche, interact woth other like minded people and learn…. consistently set aside time to add to your knowledge both of your particular business and business as a concept.

Utilise podcast resources as your radio, on the go and subscribe to casts relevant to you and those which will help you think outside the box.

Wherever possible, automate as many processes as possible and/or outsource to lessen the load.

Most of my adult life, no matter what career I have had, I have been either been at the “business end” or involved in online opportunities in addition. The latter isnt a bragging statement, its more about what makes me tick on a daily basis and if I can help YOU in some way, feel frew to reach out and lets chat it through.

Dominus Markham
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