Remembering the days when pen on paper received an upgrade in my life when I was gifted a "Prestige" typewriter by my mother.

Suddenly my life was enriched, rather than scraping ink on paper in an progressively illegible way, I  had technology at my fingertips.

Writing, which was always my want even at a young age, was set to be even more of a pleasure. Each letter and word could now be rendered onto pristine paper and would be readable by anyone.

As the years passed technology again took a leap and a "word processor" typewriter became a household resource….this week beastie was truly awesome. It was possible to type to your hearts content, format and correct even before pushing it onto paper…the days of Tippex were indeed numbered.

Personal computers and shed sized printers soon became a common sight in many homes. Writing, printing and electronically communicating the "written" word was a breeze.

Currently I am writing this post on a device, my mobile phone in fact, though I could utilise any number of smart devices.

Strangely input of text, type, words can be via virtual keyboards or by actually using a finger to trace the words in a digital handwritten style…..full circle….well nearly.

I am still more than happy that my actual handwriting is little seen by the world at large, through lack of use and laziness it has, over the years, become comparable with broken hyroglyphics.

The next advancement could be software that automatically writes coherently in my style and with ever changing content that become blockbusters…….or perhaps the brain negates the need when applied correctly…..

By Caveman

Entrepreneur, Writer, Online Marketer, Web Developer, Business Coach, , Cafe Lover, Geek - Motto - Carpe Diem

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