“Go Play With The Traffic!”

Now I could say, with artistic licence, my mother once shouted that at me, but to be honest, she never did, she may have thought it though!

It’s a saying often issued in frustration at a childs misbehaivour (so yes mum, I would understand if ever you thought it).

The irony is that, that is exactly what I do…..it is one of the primary facets of my online business…I play with traffic!

Without traffic/eyeballs on your website or blog, you dont exsist, truly, its like painting the most stunning picture and hanging it in the wardrobe. Some people have websites and blogs put together for a LOT of money and think thats it, people will find them……errm nope. And if the web designers and developers neglect to even start some of the tasks involved in “getting you seen”, well they aint good eggs, ha.

So, this traffic thing, the toy I have played with now for probably three decades (eeeuw does that give an age indication?) has many many guises. It is an entity not driven from just one main source, more of a multi-dimensional jigsaw that reinvents itself OFTEN!

Traffic is what you need, but also not just vanity stats, so not just high number of hits on your page…..that means nothing. You need quality, targetted and sustainable visitors.

What you have to know is, that there literaly tons of ways to drive traffic and that to focus on only one would be a poor practise. Another phrase I heard from childhood, “Dont put all of your eggs in one basket”…..so true about many things, but here primarily we are talking TRAFFIC.

DO NOT rely on only one or even two traffic sources, your strategy will always be to manage several traffic methods at all times….why? Well perhaps you sometimes hear about the “Google Algorythm” or even the “Facebook Algorythm”….both of these giants can knock your traffic/visitors to your site, absolutely off track, even fully stem the flow by a change in their methods of assessing or ranking what you site is about or how it is presented.

Traffic will always start from the website build stage, domain names need to be registered with Google God so they know you are kicking about, a certain level of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) must be in place.

“Keywords” (words relevant to you niche and product offering) must be placed with your website/blog….

Research for better ranking keywords must be done and not just once, this is an ongoing task, peoples methods of initiating searches change with time.

Social Media Platforms are great places to pick up traffic and particularly niche relevant, targetted visitors, but as is the nature of the online world, things change in what each platform “allows” promotional activity to be beyond what they actually want you to pay for.

For those with video production skills good ole Youtube can be a gold mine for traffic, but again we hit the many changes in their algorythm, keeping in mind they also class as a search engine (only bested by Google themselves). Youtube requires certain formats, thumbnails, descriptive layout, tags, social shares plus more, in order that you get the benefit of their traffic.

One of my all time favourite traffic “toys” is the Blog. Many will know about blogging and a high percentage will beleive this is “old hat”…….WRONG! Blogging is one of the favourite sources of rankable website content that search engines “like”…..and why? Mainly because being online is not about just having a pretty site, its about creating new content, quality content, valuable content and with a certain amount of regularity. Search engines love NEW content.

The beauty of systems these days is that you can set things up on your website, so that you place one post and it will immediately pop it over onto some of your social accounts…..this is the right way…the post is shown to your social platform, links back to your website/blog, brings you traffic, targetted traffic if you have your online social audience sorted.

I know people live by posting on their social platforms but you have to understand, that is limiting your scope for what audience you get, which is governed by what that social platform feels they will give you traction for free. Yup, surely you have experienced posting your “best ever” post on say FB, just to find a small handful of people like, comment or share? Reason, FB limit how many people your post gets exposed to before you PAY FOR ADS….

A note on placing your blog post onto a social platform, having your link on any social plaform gives it extra kudos with the search engines, why? Because most social platforms already have a massive page ranking and authority, thus if youre linking back to your site, its seen that “they” (the social platform) acknowledge your content.

As a parting note, I would like to highlight a tool (one of many I need to use in my line of work) that will give you targetted traffic to your website/blog and based on tags/keywords that will refine your audience. Something I have used for about 2 years now, since it was launched in a desktop format. But more recently they people behind it upgraded it to a cloud based app to make it even more user friendly.

Its a one time payment, full easy set up training and a flow of ongoing traffic will visit you blog…if you want to learn more, and take advantage of some sweet bonuses I have added to their offer click below…enjoy!

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P.S. If you need help getting a blog together ping me a message


Right……I am off to play with the traffic!

Dominus Owen Markham


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