Plans for building an Empire don’t just drop into place and nor do the founding stones materialise without effort and often loss along the way.

For the last 5 years I have held a folder in my Onedrive account called “Empire Building”. Within that folder I have been amassing information, notes, resources….adding to and often replacing with more current data.

Assessing and reviewing the plans is a regular objective, with a minimum of every quarter, I sift and check what I have squirreled away.

The goal, I feel will never be met….why? Well, when the initial objectives were laid down and surpassed, I always add to the goals and that will be a recurring habit of mine.

Being satisfied with ones lot is a perfect place to be, I am sure, though for me contentment is never enough. To strive to better oneself and have a positive effect upon those in your life as well as those within your slipstream is more my modus operandi.

Over the period of 5 years, there have been losses, of course there has and that is a pattern in growth, but extending yourself, your abilities, knowledge, substance will always be uncomfortable to a degree……no pain no gain as the saying goes.

My Empire building plan was set 5 years ago and its main review timeline is 2 years and 6 months from now (Feb2020)…..if I pass muster I will not stop there, I have no intentions of sitting back and reveling in it. The initial plan was also that at final review a new plan will be drawn up.

As a footnote to this, I would add that as much as I believe in planning towards goals, there is an underlying element in life that if you have the sense of what is achievable and maintain that, keep it within your grasp, it will naturally gravitate to you. And often the latter  is as a result of interacting with people in a genuine and honest way.

By Caveman

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