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Blueprint To Creating An Online Income Machine

As you may hopefully have found out, making money online isn’t all that difficult and IF NOT this article should give you the keys to starting your online income machine. The only difficult people usually have is gaining the knowledge and TAKING ACTION (that’s the bit many miss, don’t be one of them).

I’m going to outline a rather simple and straight forward system that I believe anyone can use to make income. It can be scaled up as large as you like, depending on how much time you want to put into it and what you want out of it. And it’s easy enough for even new marketers to do.

Mind you, this is not my invention, but rather a system that has been working for many marketers for years. It’s not a shiny new bauble – instead, it’s a proven method that brings home the pay check week in and week out – if you put in the time and effort required.

Ready? Let’s get started.

1. Choose your niche. I’m going to make it easy for you here by recommending that you choose one of the following 3 niches: Money and finance, health and fitness, or relationships and dating. All three are evergreen and bring in a ton of money.

**NOTE: One of the easiest places to find products and services in your niche is CLICKBANK, registration is both free and easy and you can start promoting products straight away…sales via your links send moolah into you bank!**

For purposes of this training, we’re going to focus on health, because I believe it’s truly the easiest of the 3 niches in which to make money. True, there’s plenty of competition, but that won’t really be a factor for what we’re doing. That’s because people who are desperate for a health related solution such as alleviating pain or losing weight are ready to make a purchase now.

Google “most common illnesses” and you’ll find acne, allergies, ADHD, arthritis, asthma, back pain, bad breath, bursitis, etc. And that’s just a few from the A’s and B’s. $320 billion is spent on prescription drugs in the U.S. alone each year, and that doesn’t include over the counter medications and remedies.

This is a HUGE market full of desperate buyers. So forget selling granny square patterns or children’s bedtime stories for now – focus on where the money is.

And if you want to focus on money or relationships, those are always hot, hungry markets as well.

2. Choose a product to sell. This is going to be your OTO (One Time Offer) after they opt in to your squeeze page (a squeeze page is one that asks people to enter their email for access to information or offer). Most people will tell you to create your free report, then create your squeeze page, and then find an OTO to offer after they opt in.


This is good advice. After all, they found your squeeze page, they filled out the form and they pressed the button – they are eager for a solution to their problem! Logically this is the time to offer it to them.

But I do things just a bit differently. I find the product I’m going to be promoting as my OTO first. Preferably I also find a second, similar product to use as my back up, in case the owner of the first product pulls it (yes, it happens.) The reason I find the product first is because I want to tailor my squeeze page and my free report to that EXACT topic.

For example, if my OTO is how to cure adult acne, I will write my report on ADULT acne, not teenage acne. But if I had done things the way most people do, I could have had a report on teenage acne and an OTO on adult acne. Sure it’s the same problem, but it’s two entirely different markets and my conversion rate on the OTO would have been terrible. That’s why you want to find the product you’re going to be promoting as your OTO first.

What product should you choose? Here are criteria to look for:

Low price – something less than $15 is ideal because it becomes an impulse purchase. And that’s exactly what you need here, because you haven’t yet established a lot of credibility with your new list member.

Excellent product – you’ve got to buy the product and make sure it really delivers on whatever it promises. This is no time to be selling junk. Actually, there is never a time to be selling junk.

High conversion rate – okay, this is a no-brainer. You want a product that converts really well so that you’re making money.

The ADVANCED ALTERNATIVE to promoting an affiliate product is to create your own product. The drawback is you need to create it or hire someone else to do it for you, either of which takes time. The benefit is you keep 100% of your sales, rather than splitting them with a product owner.

**FREE Product Creation Course**

The CHEAT METHOD to creating your own product is of course to use some high grade PLR (Private Label Rights are products, usually information or courses that you can brand as your own and give as lead magnets or sell of 100% profit).

If you are using your own product, here’s a trick I like to use: At the top of the sales page, let them know that their free report is on its way to their inbox. This builds consistency and credibility and shows them they’re at the right place.


3. Next you’re going to create something to give away to your new niche. Here’s the key – you’re not going to slap together any old report or re-purpose some PLR. Instead, you’re going to create something so awesome, people would PAY YOU to get it. Best of all, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel or come up with some brilliant insight to do this. Instead, you’re going to let others do the research for you.

Head over to Amazon and search for your niche in the book section. Write down titles that grab your attention. Search inside the books and look at the table of contents. Take notes.

Now do the same with magazines in your niche. Look at the headlines on the magazine covers – these can be a goldmine. You’ll need to change them to accommodate your exact niche (and not plagiarize) but that’s easy. You want to pay attention to what the hot topics are and what headlines are used to sell those topics.

Next, visit other websites to pick up more ideas and information. This entire research process should take you about an hour or two, depending on how much time you want to put into it.

Outline the information you’re going to present, and then either write your report or record it, your choice. Don’t want to write it yourself? Then outsource it. It only needs to be 10 to 20 pages of solid, useful information – don’t write a book.

As you go through this process, always keep in mind what you’ll be promoting for your OTO, so that your freebie is 100% consistent with that product. This will give you the highest conversions on your OTO.

4. Make your squeeze page. Hopefully you garnered 1-5 smoking hot headlines during your research. Use these on your squeeze page as the main headline and bullets, let them know they get the report for free for opting in, and that’s it. Don’t make this complicated – less is more. Create excitement and curiosity. Again, if you don’t want to make your own squeeze page, you can always outsource it.

A word to the wise: Once you begin using your squeeze page, test it. Test headlines, test colors, test the call to action – just TEST. The more you test, the better conversions your page will get, the more you will make. Doesn’t testing seem boring? Let me ask you this – does doubling your conversions and thus doubling what you earn seem boring? Don’t think about it, just do it.

IMPORTANT: If you’re using double opt in to build your list, customize the page they land on after confirming their subscription. At the top of that page, let them know their report is on its way. Then either direct them to your affiliate page if you’re promoting an affiliate product, or place your sales letter on this same page. This gives them a second opportunity to purchase your offer.

5. Get some professional articles written. These articles have got to be outstanding, so unless you’re a brilliant writer, I would suggest hiring this out to a professional.

Remember when you did your research in magazines and books? These are your very best clues as to what to write about and even how the title should read. Keep in mind: If you see something on the cover of a current magazine, that likely means it’s a hot topic now and will make an excellent topic for one of your articles.


Number of articles to write: At least 2, although 30+ is better. If you’re on a budget, start small and get more written later. The articles should be magazine quality. They should immediately capture attention and rivet the reader all the way to the end of the article.

Add your resource box to each article. This is your call to action where you promise the reader your shiny new report if they simply visit your totally awesome (squeeze) page.

An alternative to sending them to your squeeze page is to send them to your blog or website. Be sure to have a sign-up form on every single page of your site, offering your free report.

Variation: If you’re sending your new traffic straight to your blog or website, make it for “members only.” This means they have to opt in to get to your website and read the content. Yes, this is also a great way to list build. I recommend testing between the squeeze page, straight to the website with opt-in forms and making your website member’s only to see which one converts the best.

6. Find blogs in your niche. You’re looking for blogs that match your niche really well, that get lots of traffic (bare minimum – 10,000 hits a month) and that are open to guest written articles. If a blog doesn’t meet all 3 of these criteria, then take a pass.

One note here: The higher traffic blogs might be harder to break in to, but they’re well worth the effort. If you are more comfortable starting out with blogs of 10,000 visitors a month and working your way up, do it. After all, those 10,000 hit blogs may well be getting 100,000 visitors or more soon, and if you’re already established there, so much the better.

Also, visit each blog you’re considering and look at the bylines. Are all of the articles written by one author? Or does this blog accept submissions from others? While it’s not impossible to get your article on a blog that is generally only written by one person, it’s far easier to get it published on a blog that regularly uses guest authors.

7. Rubber meets the road. Remember the articles you had written? You’re going to contact these blog owners and give them your articles. Give each blog owner 2-3 articles, and only give each article away once so that each blog owner gets completely unique material from you.

Why give each blog owner 2-3 articles instead of just 1? Because you’re proving that you can consistently write great articles. Also, what if the one article you send them is on a topic they don’t want to cover? Or maybe they just did an article on it? By sending more than one article you give them a choice and you also greatly increase the odds that they will publish at least one article for you.

Here’s how you give the articles away: Contact these people. Do it through email, through Facebook, through Skype, whatever. Better yet, contact them through all of those methods at the same time. No, you’re not spamming them. You are HELPING them. Send them a very friendly, upbeat message that includes the following points:

You’ve been reading their blog

You love what they write

You’ve written exclusive articles just for them

The articles are free – they can do whatever they want with them

No strings attached

You would like (LOVE!) to be a guest writer on their blog

If they would publish one of your articles on their blog with your

author’s box to help you get exposure, that would be totally awesome

Thank you

What you’ve just done:

You’ve made contact and you’ve GIVEN them something right off the bat, no strings attached. What happens when 99 out of 100 people contact a blog owner? They WANT something. But you are GIVING something, and it’s something totally cool, too: Well written articles that are perfect their blog.

You’ve got a new contact in your field. Do you think s/he might want more articles? And maybe they will even promote one of your own products? It could happen, and it starts with this initial contact.

You’ve solved a problem for this new contact – you’ve given him or her high quality content. If you’re a blog owner, you know how hard it can be to create new content week after week. Having help is always much appreciated.

You’ve got some serious link juice going. You’re contacting BIG blogs with major traffic, many of which will be posting your articles. Think Google will notice? Absolutely!

You’ve got traffic. FREE traffic. Highly TARGETED, raving fanatical traffic visiting your website.

You are building a LIST out of this traffic. A list of highly targeted people who think you must be an expert because you write articles on important blogs. Traffic that reads your stuff. Traffic that BUYS your stuff.

You are making money immediately with your OTO. Remember, you’ve got a low priced and highly targeted OTO after your squeeze page. This product is something directly related to the issue you wrote about in the article and in the report.

Total cost for this list building/product selling business? If you do everything yourself, it costs you nothing but time. If you outsource the squeeze page and articles, it might run you a couple of hundred dollars, more or less.

What do you do now? Rinse and repeat. Continue writing articles (or having someone write articles for you) and continue contacting new blogs. Write more articles for the blogs on which you’ve already been published.

This works. Don’t reinvent the wheel – just do it.

The downside is you will find a few blog owners who simply won’t publish your stuff. That’s okay. Most times they will tell you that they won’t, and then you can take those same articles and offer them to a different blog.

Killer Tip: A variation to sending them 2-3 articles is to send one 3-part series. It’s got to be totally researched, relevant and on a hot topic. If you get them to publish this (generally over the course of 3-5 days) you will see even more traffic than you would from getting one regular article published.

Now let’s talk hypothetical numbers just to get a feel for what this system can do for you: You contact one blog that gets 250,000 visitors a month. 25% of them read your article (that’s kind of a low number – you might get more.) Of those who read your article, 40% click your link, and 50% of those get your free report (meaning they joined your list.)

That’s 250,000 times .25, which is 62,500 people who read your article. How cool is that?? Just imagine for a second that 62,500 people read your article and see your byline – you’re already an expert and they haven’t even clicked on your author’s resource box yet.

Of those 62,500 people, 40% click your link. That’s 25,000 people going to your squeeze page. I don’t know about you, but when I think about getting 25,000 HIGHLY targeted people to my squeeze page, my heart beats a little faster and you can’t wipe the grin off my face.

Of those, we’re hypothetically saying that half join your list. I know some of you are thinking that number is high, and for the typical squeeze page it is high. But in this case they’ve just read your article on a high authority website and obviously liked it. They already know why they are coming to your page (to get your super-duper hot report on a topic they’re really interested in) and so you unless your squeeze page totally sucks, you can expect to get a higher than average conversion.

Half of 25,000 is 12,500 new people on your list. People who have read your article. People who think you’re pretty hot stuff. People who are now going to read your report and KNOW you are pretty hot stuff. People who are far more likely than average to open and read your emails.

12,500 people from one article! Okay, true, you had several articles written and probably sent 3 of those to the blog owner, who maybe only published one. Still – is that a good return on your time and money or what???

And if you only do 1/10th as well as our example? Then you still have 1,250 highly targeted new subscribers. Not bad.

To those sceptics who think that only the “big dogs” can make money online, I hope I have just given you something to think about, and more importantly – a plan of ACTION.

One more number I want to throw out here: Suppose you got 12,500 new subscribers per month. Maybe you did it with one article, maybe it took you 20 articles. Whatever. Each month you do what it takes to get 12,500 how new subscribers. Assuming a high attrition rate of 20%, how many subscribers would you have by the next holiday season?

I’ll leave you to do your own math on this one.

Well, I hope you a) found that useful, if not inspirational b) use it as the foundation to TAKING ACTION!

Below are some links to important resources that you will find useful now you are armed with the simplest, most evergreen method of making money online.

I hope you take time to subscribe to my blog for more useful, money making and marketing hints, tips and articles and share this article with you social media platforms.

Until next time.

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Affiliate Disclaimer: While we receive affiliate compensation for reviews/promotions on this page, we always offer honest opinions, relevant experiences and genuine views related to the product or service itself. Our goal is to help you make the best purchasing decisions, however, the views and opinions expressed are ours only. As always you should do your own due diligence to verify any claims, results, and statistics before making any kind of purchase. Clicking links or purchasing products recommended on this page may generate income for this website from affiliate commissions and you should assume we are compensated for any purchases you make.

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Affiliate Disclaimer: While we receive affiliate compensation for reviews/promotions on this page, we always offer honest opinions, relevant experiences and genuine views related to the product or service itself. Our goal is to help you make the best purchasing decisions, however, the views and opinions expressed are ours only. As always you should do your own due diligence to verify any claims, results, and statistics before making any kind of purchase. Clicking links or purchasing products recommended on this page may generate income for this website from affiliate commissions and you should assume we are compensated for any purchases you make.

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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Home Based Workers

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Home Based Workers

Are you a home based worker?

Whether you operate your own business or work from home as a contract worker, you lead a busy life.
For that reason, there may be a lot that you want or need to do.

The New Year is the perfect time to set and achieve your goals. So, if you haven’t made a New Year’s resolution yet, do so now.

If you need a few ideas, continue reading on.

1 – Create a Home Office

Many home based workers work right from their family computer or their kitchen table. This does work, but try to develop a workspace for yourself. If you have a spare bedroom, transform that into your home office. Keep the spare bed in the room should family visit, but add a computer, desk, office chair, phone, and so forth. If you are limited on space, you need to think outside of the box. Do you have a walk in closet that you rarely use? Install a good light and transform it into your home office.

When you have a home office, which is a private secluded place that you can work, you are likely to improve your productivity.

2 – Create a Home Office Space

When given the opportunity, a home based worker should have a home office. This being a room with a functioning door. Whether you need to be on the phone with clients or have a quiet environment to work in, a separate room is needed. Of course, you may not have a spare bedroom or even a walk-in closet to transform. If not, make a home office space.

A home office space is similar to an office room. In most cases, you are just lacking the door. Depending on how you currently work-from-home, this may involve a few purchases. Do you have a laptop computer, but no desk? Buy one. Instead of clearing your workstation each night for dinner, leave your work on your desk. Even if you must position that desk in the corner of your living room, bedroom, or kitchen, you still have a space that you can your own.

3 – Look for Other Moneymaking Opportunities

As previously stated, home based workers come in a number of different formats. Regardless of whether you work for yourself or for someone else, always be on the lookout for other moneymaking opportunities. With today’s economy, there are no guarantees. People who believed they had a secure job are now finding themselves in the unemployment line. Just because you work from home, it does not mean that it can’t happen to you. So, secure your financial future.

In terms of examining other moneymaking opportunities, always think outside of the box. Do you do customer service work from home? Consider putting your skills to use by writing reviews for companies, starting your own website or blog, and so forth. Do you do web content writing from home? In addition to writing for clients, write for yourself.

4 – Create a Schedule for Housework

Working from home is nice, but it presents many challenges. Those who work outside of the home don’t have to worry about that sink full of dishes, but you do because you will see it every time you turn around. All home based workers should have a separate schedule for housework so it does not impact their work at home. If you do not have one, make it your New Year’s resolution.

5 – Give Your Family More Time

Most start working from home to spend more time with family, but it doesn’t always workout as planned. Some are so amazed to see how easy it is to make money online that they don’t want to stop, but you should. If you have a problem with working too much, use your New Year’s resolution to put a stop to it. Shut your computer off by a set time each day.

Here’s to your prosperous New Year

Until Next Time

Dominus Owen Markham


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How To Get Traffic To Your Website

How To Get Traffic To Your Website

No matter what you do online if you are trying to sell a product or service you need traffic/footfall/eye balls on it and they need to be targeted visitors not just vanity statistics……

I would rather have 50 or 100 visitors a day that are already looking for what I am promoting than thousands of hits/visits from people or in some cases bots, that have no intention to buy or enquire.

Getting the “right” sort of traffic within your niche is NOT an easy job, NOT just a matter of popping a post on Facebook, it takes a deal of work to find your perfect clients and once you find them its about how you catch their eye as being “the one” to fulfil their needs and solve their problems.

Traffic can be driven in many ways and via many sources, some better for certain businesses and not for others.

Whether you are just starting out online or area seasoned online business you will ALWAYS need more traffic, more opportunities and the online world is changing, you will need to be even more savvy as more and more businesses decide to move from high street to the internet highway….competition will be hard, but I can offer you support and resources in all things “traffic” and even help you set up your first online offering.

Contact me to talk through any traffic or website concerns you may have, consultation is FREE.


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7 Tips on Creating Content to Drive Traffic

Unless you’re already a celebrity you’re not going to be able to create a website and then just leave it to generate traffic. You’re going to need to create content to drive traffic to your site. Your main goal is to generate leads, make sales, and earn profits. It’ll take a bit of work, but over time traffic will increase to your site.

Here are 7 tips to help you create content, so traffic is driven to your site.


  1. Update your blog. In the beginning, many people focus on one blog a day, and then when they have built up their readership, they’ll blog three times a week. This keeps your site fresh in the minds of your followers. Don’t give them a chance to forget about your site by only blogging once a month, or worse, never.


  1. Include backlinks in your blogging. When you write your articles, add links to your products, links to your other blogs, and even links to your social media accounts. Keep people on your site, don’t link to outside authorities.


  1. Update your social media accounts. You want to have a good balance of being an authority in your field, but also promoting your products and services. Don’t just post links to memes and content that has nothing to do with your business-why promote someone else’s business or blog, when you have your own to promote?


  1. If you’re posting content to your own blog, it doesn’t have to be all business. People enjoying reading about the person behind the site. Let them know that the site is run by a real person, not a robot, and they’ll be more likely to buy your stuff. And you can always throw in those backlinks to your products too.

  1. Do it organically. Have you ever seen those websites with long lists of keywords? Google punishes them, so they get placed lower in search results. Don’t do that. Make your keywords flow within your text, rather than being awkward. If you have some tough ones, list them in the tags portion of the blog instead.


  1. Check out several other blogging sites. There are blogs full of information, as well as a way to get cheap advertising to direct traffic to your site. They’re experts in their field and they’ve tried all the methods posted, and understand what works, and what doesn’t work.


  1. Create loyal customers. Don’t just try to generate new traffic or leads to your site, encourage your current customers to return as well. When they see the value of the content on your site they’ll return again and again. But don’t inundate with them information either. Stick to 3-5 times a week for the blog, and about 12 times a day for social media posts.

If you find traffic has been slow to your site, give the above seven tips a try.

These tips on creating content to drive traffic to your site will assist you to build up your traffic, and

help to generate more leads to your business.

Dominus Owen Markham

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Free Sales Copy Template Download

Download my fill-in-the-blanks sales letter template


You don’t need to struggle with your sales copy anymore.

I’m giving you my fill-in-the-blanks sales letter template
by Marlon Sanders.

Just follow along and you’ll find yourself zipping through
your copy in no time flat.

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“Go Play With The Traffic!”

“Go Play With The Traffic!”

Now I could say, with artistic licence, my mother once shouted that at me, but to be honest, she never did, she may have thought it though!

It’s a saying often issued in frustration at a childs misbehaivour (so yes mum, I would understand if ever you thought it).

The irony is that, that is exactly what I do… is one of the primary facets of my online business…I play with traffic!

Without traffic/eyeballs on your website or blog, you dont exsist, truly, its like painting the most stunning picture and hanging it in the wardrobe. Some people have websites and blogs put together for a LOT of money and think thats it, people will find them……errm nope. And if the web designers and developers neglect to even start some of the tasks involved in “getting you seen”, well they aint good eggs, ha.

So, this traffic thing, the toy I have played with now for probably three decades (eeeuw does that give an age indication?) has many many guises. It is an entity not driven from just one main source, more of a multi-dimensional jigsaw that reinvents itself OFTEN!

Traffic is what you need, but also not just vanity stats, so not just high number of hits on your page…..that means nothing. You need quality, targetted and sustainable visitors.

What you have to know is, that there literaly tons of ways to drive traffic and that to focus on only one would be a poor practise. Another phrase I heard from childhood, “Dont put all of your eggs in one basket”… true about many things, but here primarily we are talking TRAFFIC.

DO NOT rely on only one or even two traffic sources, your strategy will always be to manage several traffic methods at all times….why? Well perhaps you sometimes hear about the “Google Algorythm” or even the “Facebook Algorythm”….both of these giants can knock your traffic/visitors to your site, absolutely off track, even fully stem the flow by a change in their methods of assessing or ranking what you site is about or how it is presented.

Traffic will always start from the website build stage, domain names need to be registered with Google God so they know you are kicking about, a certain level of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) must be in place.

“Keywords” (words relevant to you niche and product offering) must be placed with your website/blog….

Research for better ranking keywords must be done and not just once, this is an ongoing task, peoples methods of initiating searches change with time.

Social Media Platforms are great places to pick up traffic and particularly niche relevant, targetted visitors, but as is the nature of the online world, things change in what each platform “allows” promotional activity to be beyond what they actually want you to pay for.

For those with video production skills good ole Youtube can be a gold mine for traffic, but again we hit the many changes in their algorythm, keeping in mind they also class as a search engine (only bested by Google themselves). Youtube requires certain formats, thumbnails, descriptive layout, tags, social shares plus more, in order that you get the benefit of their traffic.

One of my all time favourite traffic “toys” is the Blog. Many will know about blogging and a high percentage will beleive this is “old hat”…….WRONG! Blogging is one of the favourite sources of rankable website content that search engines “like”…..and why? Mainly because being online is not about just having a pretty site, its about creating new content, quality content, valuable content and with a certain amount of regularity. Search engines love NEW content.

The beauty of systems these days is that you can set things up on your website, so that you place one post and it will immediately pop it over onto some of your social accounts…..this is the right way…the post is shown to your social platform, links back to your website/blog, brings you traffic, targetted traffic if you have your online social audience sorted.

I know people live by posting on their social platforms but you have to understand, that is limiting your scope for what audience you get, which is governed by what that social platform feels they will give you traction for free. Yup, surely you have experienced posting your “best ever” post on say FB, just to find a small handful of people like, comment or share? Reason, FB limit how many people your post gets exposed to before you PAY FOR ADS….

A note on placing your blog post onto a social platform, having your link on any social plaform gives it extra kudos with the search engines, why? Because most social platforms already have a massive page ranking and authority, thus if youre linking back to your site, its seen that “they” (the social platform) acknowledge your content.

As a parting note, I would like to highlight a tool (one of many I need to use in my line of work) that will give you targetted traffic to your website/blog and based on tags/keywords that will refine your audience. Something I have used for about 2 years now, since it was launched in a desktop format. But more recently they people behind it upgraded it to a cloud based app to make it even more user friendly.

Its a one time payment, full easy set up training and a flow of ongoing traffic will visit you blog…if you want to learn more, and take advantage of some sweet bonuses I have added to their offer click below…enjoy!

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My 1 to 1 Email Support to help you get yourself set up for business

P.S. If you need help getting a blog together ping me a message


Right……I am off to play with the traffic!

Dominus Owen Markham


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Black Friday… Black Hole? 

Black Friday… Black Hole?

With bricks and mortar retail outlets experiencing a 52% drop in turnover, year on year, Black Friday profit margins are tight. 

But is that the whole story? 

The flipside is that online sales experienced a 26% increase… 

Swings and roundabouts? 

Well obviously causality lays at the feet of a global pandemic, local lockdowns and a social unease in being motivated to risk venturing to the retail citadels. 

I remember sitting in a University lecture, several decades ago, when the lecturer spoke of the “coming of the retail citadels”. 

He spoke of cities becoming fragmented by large retail outlets, inner cities being laid bare by satellite retail parks.. This, he said, was our future. 

I would say, many, back then, saw this as futuristic ramblings, including me… 

But, we all know how that turned out. 

The pandemic cannot take the blame for all of the changes in retail habits and activity. Many of our cities were already harrowed by the satellite consumer parks. And technology had already begun to nibble at the edges of conventional shopping. 

It is clear, however, that this global pandemic has accelerated the demise of Big Brands walk in showrooms. 

The public have been forced, partially by nature itself, to do things differently. Generations are having to learn the skills needed in order to pay wirelessly and make purchases online. 

We also now have the resurgence of the independent and local retailer. Places where you can buy locally produced or sourced products that more than compete with the “Big Boy Brands” equivalent. Plus buying locally can often be the only choice with ongoing fluctuations of lockdown restrictions. 

Businesses have and are trying to reinvent themselves, many have buckled under the weight of practical logistics to do so. 

Whether the COVID situation eases significantly or not, the path to the New Normal, for retailers/service suppliers, is pretty obvious and should be investigated by businesses. 

What do we supply and can we offer it online? 

What do we need to do to create an online presence? 

What steps do we take to improve our current online offering? 

Maybe the Black Friday Black Hole is the sign post and portal to future prosperity, but in a different guise? 

What will Cyber Monday and the Christmas stats reveal do you think? 

What’s YOUR Online Business Plan? 

Dominus Owen Markham 

**If you would like to chat through some thoughts and ideas about how you see you online business future, need help with what you have or just to get started, contact me for a FREE Consultation**


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Viernes negro … ¿Agujero negro?

Con los establecimientos minoristas tradicionales experimentando una caída del 52% en la facturación, año tras año, los márgenes de beneficio del Black Friday son estrechos.

¿Pero es esa toda la historia?

La otra cara es que las ventas online experimentaron un aumento del 26% …

¿Columpios y rotondas?

Bueno, obviamente, la causalidad está a los pies de una pandemia global, cierres locales y un malestar social al estar motivados a arriesgarse a aventurarse en las ciudadelas minoristas.

Recuerdo estar sentado en una conferencia de la Universidad, hace varias décadas, cuando el profesor habló de la “llegada de las ciudadelas minoristas”.

Habló de las ciudades fragmentadas por los grandes comercios minoristas, de los centros urbanos que quedaron al descubierto gracias a los parques comerciales satélites. Este, dijo, era nuestro futuro.

Diría que muchos, en ese entonces, veían esto como divagaciones futuristas, incluyéndome a mí …

Pero todos sabemos cómo resultó eso.

La pandemia no puede asumir la culpa de todos los cambios en los hábitos y la actividad minorista. Muchas de nuestras ciudades ya estaban devastadas por los parques de consumidores satélites. Y la tecnología ya había comenzado a mordisquear los límites de las compras convencionales.

Sin embargo, está claro que esta pandemia global ha acelerado la desaparición de las grandes marcas en las salas de exposición.

El público se ha visto obligado, en parte por la propia naturaleza, a hacer las cosas de manera diferente. Las generaciones están teniendo que aprender las habilidades necesarias para pagar de forma inalámbrica y realizar compras en línea.

Ahora también tenemos el resurgimiento del minorista local e independiente. Lugares donde puede comprar productos de origen o producción local que compiten con creces con el equivalente de “Big Boy Brands”. Además, comprar localmente a menudo puede ser la única opción con las fluctuaciones continuas de las restricciones de bloqueo.

Las empresas se han reinventado y están tratando de reinventarse, muchas se han derrumbado bajo el peso de la logística práctica para hacerlo.

Ya sea que la situación de COVID se alivie significativamente o no, el camino hacia la Nueva Normalidad, para los minoristas / proveedores de servicios, es bastante obvio y las empresas deben investigarlo.

¿Qué suministramos y podemos ofrecerlo online?

¿Qué debemos hacer para crear una presencia en línea?

¿Qué pasos tomamos para mejorar nuestra oferta actual en línea?

Tal vez el Black Friday Black Hole sea el letrero y el portal hacia la prosperidad futura, pero ¿con una apariencia diferente?

¿Qué creen que revelarán el Cyber ​​Monday y las estadísticas navideñas?

¿Cuál es SU plan de negocios en línea?

Dominus Owen Markham

** Si desea conversar sobre algunos pensamientos e ideas sobre cómo ve el futuro de su negocio en línea, necesita ayuda con lo que tiene o simplemente para comenzar, contácteme para una consulta GRATUITA **

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To Be Fair….This Is YOUR Problem!

To Be Fair…..This Is YOUR Problem!

I’m a little bit floored right now…

An online marketing friend of mine (Liz Tomey) recently did a workshop where she was showing people how to get traffic using a certain site, but when she got half way through the workshop she found out that HALF the people taking her workshop had NOTHING to drive traffic to.


Why in the world would someone pay to learn how to drive traffic if they have nothing to drive traffic to?

That’s a logical question, right?

Well here’s the problem and this may be YOUR problem too.

Many people who are trying to build an online business are so confused, frustrated, and overwhelmed that they aren’t thinking logically.

They think if they can just learn to get a bunch of traffic they can make-money.

Heck, when I got started I had the same problem!

Here’s the truth…

Until you have a solid system you’re NEVER going to have a REAL online-business that makes you REAL-money.


That’s why Liz stopped everything she’s doing and she’s created the Get An Online Business Workshop.


If your problem is that you don’t have anything to drive traffic to that makes you-money then you NEED to get your seat for this live workshop RIGHT NOW!

During this workshop Liz will walk you through EVERYTHING you need to do to setup an online business in a profitable niche that you actually enjoy and take you all the way through monetizing it, driving traffic to it, and what to do to run it day to day.

This is for you even if you’re a complete newbie and even if you’ve tried a ton of different things and they didn’t work.

I highly recommend you let Liz “take you under her wing”, and allow her to teach you to build a REAL online business in just 5 days that you can start using to drive traffic to, make-money, and FINALLY get rid of your problem of being constantly confused and frustrated.

Take a few minutes, see what Liz is teaching in the Get An Online Business Workshop, and grab your seat so she can help you!


Talk soon!

Dominus Owen Markham