How many times have we all heard this?

How does it make YOU feel…………what reaction does it provoke?

Being honest my reaction is cynicism, rightly or wrongly I base my reaction on gut feeling

Again, being totally truthful, if I felt this person asking was in genuine need, not someone already on a level of benefit, out to make some extra for a drug or drink habit (and yes I appreciate people with these problems also need support)……….yes, I would “Spare some change”………..I guess I am a product of things I have watched on the media, read in the papers (do you even remember newspapers??), been told in passing.

I do, on occasion purchase the “Big Issue” I feel that has some level of credibility about it, substantiating the person selling as a bone fide seller, therefore “qualified” as in need (that sounds pretty bad eh?)

I guess being asked that question, more often than not, annoys me………..not because I am “tight”, I feel I am the type of guy who would help anyone in a spot, but because I have bought into the blurb of disbelief of many of those littering the streets,with their hand out and almost orchestrated pet lying at their feet…………….I can already feel many of you getting annoyed with me and my opinion, but hey aint I entitled?

It must be the worst place in the world to be, totally down on your luck, without any financial resource, possibly without a roof even……that is both a political AND personal issue we ALL need to deal with………no one should be homeless, NO ONE… we deal with that, I guess is something I need to find out about, something which I would like to feel I could help with, even in some small way.

This isnt just about plunging a hand in the pocket and pulling out £1.00 its about subscribing to a political party that actually mirrors these thoughts, has a plan, works towards it, and that we have TRUST in…………oh heck, politics………… that also “Can You Spare Some Change………….”?

By Caveman

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