Reclining on a sunbed,  29c temperature,  a gentle soothing breeze buffeting around the Valencia beach and my excitement for my new business is bubbling up inside me.

Why hadnt I thought of founding the indie publishing company years ago?

Why hadnt I forged on with all of those written pieces I have put together over the decades?

Why hadnt I made those connections with other scribblers sooner?

I can lament about it seeming that I may have wasted many years not progressing in this way.  But the truth is the time is right for me and the timing is right for the publishing industry.

Also the experience I have gleaned from my entrepreneurial business dealings,  on and offline serve to put me in far better stead to harness this additional business.

For all you other indie author/publishers out there,  why not drop me a line and lets build the platform together.

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By Caveman

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