Thank you for visiting my site, I thought you would like to know a little about me.

My background is multi skilled, ex-forces, post grad education, business coach, content creator, online marketer……quite diverse I guess but across this range I find that each experience and skill adds value to the others.

I am single, twice divorced (no intentions of making it a third) focused on business building both for others and of course for myself.

Originally from the UK, I moved with friends to live in Spain, July 2017……in a CAVE….yup, check it out, we live in a small cave complex that affords us our own space and work/business areas.

Living in a cave isnt for everyone, but I often wonder why not…they are beautiful, individual and very very practical…..in the heat of summer there is never a need for cooling systems, caves maintain around an 18c temperature, thus are a blessing to go into when its 42c outside…in winter a small stove easily heats and maintains the warmth.

I love to create things, whether digital or physical and see writing and media creation as much a relaxing hobby as a major part of my business.

This site, is my main Online Marketing site, in which I showcase products and services which I have tried and tested and feel they offer value to the buyer.

I have other sites which cover different niches such as my web development, foodie interests and property sales and rentals in Spain….again all quite different but form the backbone of my business portfolio.

If ever you want to discuss something you see here, or something you would LIKE to include, or perhaps are considering starting up an online opportunity, product or service, I am quite happy to bounce ideas with you or assist you with progressing….just use the contact page and we can go from there.

Hope to hear from you.

Dominus “Caveman” Markham