Being a reasonably successful online marketer never means you take your eye off the ball.

So what I am saying here is that whilst you may be either new to online profit success methods or even pretty settled into a certain level, you MUST keep looking, NEVER settle for a single income stream or indeed method to create income.

Quite recently a very good buddy of mine, Rob Reece gave me a nudge about something Dean Holland and Craig Crawford were in the process of launching….year 6 of their “Quick Start Challenge” and the ticket was super super low… first I have to admit I questioned it, given the status of these guys “Why so cheap?”, “Whats the upsell?” and in a very short space of time I found the deal was of high value and low ticket to give people across the board an tangible opportunity.



So, I duly dialled in on the first of 5 live webinars and saw first hand the level of quality.

I am of course eager to follow on for all 5, albeit early hours of the morning here in Spain….I prefer the actual live attendance where I can, its about commitment to my business.

And hey, if there are golden nuggets to be had from these guys that will add extra value to myself and my customers… is a no brainer.

Watch this space for future updates.


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