Two Email Marketing Experts Share With You Their Secret Weapon

Two Email Marketing Experts Share With You Their Secret Weapon

Two Email Marketing Experts Share With You Their Secret Weapon That Will Give Anyone An Unfair Advantage…

When It Comes To Email Marketing Most People Start The Same Way…

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So you want to start an online business so you start doing some research. Most people will buy a few courses, watch a few videos, and start following around people who are already successful.

Everyone who knows anything about making money online will say that you need to build a list and sell stuff to that list via email. Email marketing really is the fastest, easiest way to make money. You write an email and click the send button.

It’s on demand traffic being sent where ever you want it to go any time you want. After deciding that email marketing is where the money’s at…

People then will typically start by signing up with a major autoresponder service.

They Sign Up and Start Paying the Monthly Fee…


They work hard building up a list of subscribers and people who have opted in to join their list.

Then they start sending emails, but practically no one is opening them.

At the same time, maybe someone has called them from the company’s compliance department to question them about something they’re doing.

This happens all the time.

Here’s the truth when it comes to those big email marketing autoresponder companies…

…And Get Shut Down For Nothing!

Autoresponder Banned

Worse Still, Most of Them Can’t Even Deliver Your Email…


With major autoresponders, it’s a numbers game…

They pack as many customers onto a single IP address as they can, and hope for the best… If just one of those customers starts spamming, that IP quickly gets blacklisted and is worthless.

Everyone else on the same IP? Their emails end up in the spam folder, or not delivered at all..

It’s brutal.

Unless you end up paying for a private IP address (which normally costs a lot), you’re really just rolling the dice whenever you click “send”…

You Could Use A Self-Hosted Autoresponder


After getting banned, or getting tired of poor results, it’s totally normal to start going down the “self hosted” route..

After all, you’ve seen other people doing it, you can too, right?

Not so fast!

The good self-hosted autoresponders cost upwards of $700 for a license, and the rest.. well.. they’re pretty awful to use.

Not only that, but…

…But Most of Them Are Terrible & Haven’t Been Updated In Years


There are really two types of self-hosted Autoresponders:

The “Pro” ones from years ago, that people used to use

The junk from sites like Code Canyon, which no email marketer worth their salt would touch with a barge pole.

The ones from years back used to be good, but the truth is that they haven’t been updated in years…

Heck, the most popular one doesn’t even run at all anymore!

Not Only That, But You Practically Need a PhD to Even Get Them Working!


Even if you find one that’s okay (good luck with that hunt!), odds are it ain’t gonna be easy to get it up and running…

These things were intended for the IT gurus at large marketing firms to get running, not regular people like us!

FTPing files around, creating databases, editing config files, setting up certificates…

You may as well just enrol in a computer science degree before even trying…

It’s Time To Start Email Marketing The Easy Way…

Introducing: WP Response Pro

The Easiest Ever Autoresponder Plugin

  • Installs on WordPress In Minutes

  • Integrate With Any SMTP Service

  • Create Unlimited Lists

  • Create Unlimited Autoresponders

  • Create Unlimited Broadcasts

  • Built-in Form Generator

  • Built-in Email Countdown Timers

  • Built-in Smart Pixel Regargeting

  • Automatic Updates

  • Pro Support

Install On ANY WordPress Site In Minutes

WordPress Logo

Installing WP Response Pro is a cinch! There aren’t any wacky configuration files or other stuff to deal with.

Just install the plugin, like you would any other plugin, configure a couple of quick settings, and you’re good to go!

It literally couldn’t be any easier than it is to get up and running.

With WP Response Pro, there’s nothing holding you back from getting started building your list, and boosting your profits…

Get Better Open Rates, Higher Clicks & More Sales

Since all your emails are branded with your own domain (and not some generic one like aweber.com, getresponse.com, etc..). You’ll get better inboxing rates.

Better inboxing rates means more opens.

Which means more clicks…

Which means more sales!

Coupled with our so-easy-to-understand-your-dog-could-read-them reports, and you’ll know exactly how well your emails are performing…

Plug In Any SMTP Service You Feel Like, Or Use Your Webhost For FREE


With WP Response Pro, you’re never stuck using any particular SMTP service.

This means to you can quickly and easily test out different services like Sendgrid, Amazon SES, Postmark and any other SMTP service you want to.

Heck, most people have great results using their webhosts SMTP server, which is totally free to use, and doesn’t require any setup at all!

Don’t get stuck in one place like other Autoresponders, keep your freedom to use other services…

Import Any Lists You Want – No Restrictions

importexisting subscribers autoresponder

Oh this is just beautiful…

How many times have you tried to test out a new Autoresponder, only to be told you couldn’t upload your customer list.

Who the heck are they to tell you how to run your business?

With WP Response Pro, you can do as you want, whenever you want.

There’s no one to tell you what yo do, it’s totally up to you, and you alone…

Integrate With Any Page Builder Using The Built-In Form Generator

email marketing form code

WP Response Pro has a built-in form builder you can use to create simple HTML forms for signups.

You can then use these to integrate with practically any page builder, optin builder, or anything else.

You can even just give the form code to your web developer and have them build a landing page for you directly – no other services required!

Boost Sales & Conversions With Built-In Email Countdown Timers

autoresponder countdown timer

With WP Response Pro, there’s no need to pay for clumsy services to provide you with email countdown timers – they’re built right into the platform!

To add one in, just click the countdown timer button on the toolbar, configure when it will expire, and you’re done!

Countdown timers can be used in both broadcast and autoresponder sequences (try doing that with a clumsy old countdown timer service).

Boost your sales and conversions with the smartest email countdown timer integration around…

Get Smart With Pixel-Based Email Triggers

smart pixel technology

Imagine this…

You visit a page about a product you’re interested in…

10 minutes later, you get an email with a coupon for that exact product.

Pretty slick right?

That’s exactly the type of retargeting and segmentation you can do with WP Response Pro’s pixel feature.

Think of it like using Adwords or Facebook retargeting, but for your list, and 100 times simpler to use.

Guess which Autoresponder I use? lol

Until next time

Dominus Owen Markham
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