SPI 270: What You Need to Know Before You “Get Physical” with Richie Norton

SPI 270: What You Need to Know Before You “Get Physical” with Richie Norton

This month, I’m learning everything I can about the world of physical products: how to create my own, how to validate them, how to find the perfect manufacturer, and how to get them in the hands of my customers. Joining me today to explore all of this and more is special guest Richie Norton, physical product expert and founder of an incredible company called Prouduct.

If you, like me, have grown your business through digital products and services exclusively, dipping a toe into this world might feel a little mysterious—maybe even a little scary. Delving into physical products means taking charge of things like inventory, manufacturing, prototyping, and more. Thankfully, Richie’s here to teach you (and me) what smart business owners should know when building their first tangible product.

In this episode, you’ll hear expert advice on communicating with your manufacturer, finding the perfect price point, collaborating with folks an ocean away, avoiding common pitfalls, meeting demand, and lots more. Richie provides the ultimate introduction to making your vision a reality, and you’ll get to hear stories from my own product journey, as well. I can’t wait to learn right alongside you. Listen and enjoy!

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Special thanks to Richie for joining me this week. Until next time!

You’ll Learn

  • What you need to know before diving into the physical products business.
  • How to be smart when working with an overseas manufacturer.
  • The ins and outs of getting a product from your manufacturer to your customers.
  • Advice for building good relationships with your manufacturers.
  • The moment Richie realized that trading his time for money wasn’t the only way to earn a living.
  • Why Richie encourages you to risk “piracy over obscurity.”
  • Easy mistakes to avoid when building your first physical product.
  • Stories from my own journey into the world of physical products.
  • What Richie’s learned about “starting something stupid,” and more!


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