SPI 269: How to Build a Massive Community Behind Your Physical Product with Tom from Chubbies

SPI 269: How to Build a Massive Community Behind Your Physical Product with Tom from Chubbies

This month, I’m on a mission to learn everything I can about creating and selling a stellar physical product. That’s why today I’m talking to Tom Montgomery, co-founder of a hugely successful clothing company with a massive fan following, Chubbies Shorts.

Tom and his friends had a problem: Mainstream men’s fashion didn’t offer much variety when it came to shorts. They craved options with more personality, designed for all kinds of bodies. With help from word-of-mouth marketing and a totally unique brand voice, Chubbies quickly grew a devoted following, all without sacrificing their one-of-a-kind vision for building community.

In this episode, Tom offers a glimpse into Chubbies’s content creation process and how they’ve built such a loyal customer base. You’ll also hear why they avoid getting “sales-y” on social media, their most successful campaigns to date, and tips for finding a unique brand voice of your own. As a newcomer to the world of physical products, I learned so much sitting down with Tom, and I know you will too. Listen and enjoy!

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Special thanks to Tom for joining me this week. Until next time!

You’ll Learn

  • What makes Chubbies’s brand voice so unique, and so effective as a marketing tool.
  • How Chubbies attracted a record-breaking 350 million video views last year.
  • The frustration that inspired four friends to create a retail clothing company.
  • Strategies for finding an authentic writing voice for your content marketing.
  • Why Chubbies trusts community relationships to create demand for their product.
  • What happens when you use social content to build community rather than sell.
  • Advice for maintaining control in the uncontrollable world of entrepreneurship.
  • How Chubbies uses fan-generated social content in their marketing strategy.
  • The hilarious ad spot that put Chubbies on the map, and more!


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