How To Beat The Competition  And Get 3  Money Making Products FREE

How To Beat The Competition  And Get 3  Money Making Products FREE

How To Beat The Competition 

And Get 3 

Money Making Products FREE



Hello and thank you for checking out this report which I put together to clear up some sticking points for people both starting out in Affiliate Marketing and those already “in the game”.

Now as you may know, affiliate marketing is a method used to make an online income from other people’s products and services. For those of you already working in the Affiliate marketing business you will know that often you will get 100% profit/commissions on the front end profit, perhaps 50% profit on the further upsells and OTO’s (one time offers) when there is a linked funnel of other products and upgrades.


This business model is a great way of making money online with no requirement to have a website (more of that later) or your own products to sell.


There is, however, a bit of a downside to this method which generally means you will most likely only pick up $7 to $10 per sale and whilst that is technically money for “nothing”, statistically you will have had to put a good deal of effort into acquiring those sales and often an investment in paid traffic, so margins can be thin.


So what do we do?


Well, in honesty, there are 3 routes, first is to make your own products/services/courses, and that may not be something many want to do or perhaps don’t have the time or inspiration to do so, next aim to become an affiliate of High Ticket Commission products/services, because in reality the effort you put into making a $7 sales can often be very similar to that of a $700 sale…………………lastly your option, if you are not an action taker, do what you are already doing and live with it, put your head in your hands and weep and/or buy another BS “shiny button money making” product.


Have you chosen your route yet?


If you are the third option you won’t even be reading this far, so ciao to those peeps, and hola! To action takers…..you realise that whatever way you choose from here WILL require a level of effort on your part, just like any business……

Going back to my mention of “no website”, whilst this is true, I would always strongly suggest you do invest in your own website (and that investment only need be a few dollars a month for hosting once you pick up a domain name and install WordPress).

A website/blog is YOURS, a digital asset, like getting your own shop outlet, a place you can build your niche from and begin to gain authority in it…..and no its never a quick fix, action is key to any form of money making/business building.

Hey, and if you getting your own site is a stumbling block in a none techy/no time way – give me a shout direct, its something I can work out for you 🙂  


Think about this for a moment…does Coca Cola need promoting? 


Now you probably answered something like “well no not really” “its a major well known brand”…..true  to a point but if completely true why do they constantly invest in marketing/advertising, branding design tweaks, new associated products?


So there’s the truth of it, no matter how good or well known you may be, you still have to keep “singing” the advantages of your product, there will always be new “uneducated” potential customers in the queue, and YOU have to tell them WHY they need what you are selling.




Clearly you need resources that assist you in acquiring High Ticket Sales Commissions, new methods of creating and selling products using only a mobile device……perhaps also a business that allows you to buy low cost digital product that you can literally “flip” to a high ticket product in a very short period of time and with little or no technical skills?


Sound good?


Want 3 major money making  products FOR FREE and that give you ALL of the above?


Ha, thought you may be interested…..well all 3 can be yours all you need do is buy this $11.00 course (a course I thoroughly recommend because it give you the keys to the empire of little known, low competition affiliate commission resources):


THAT PAY UP TO $8000 in Commissions!!


This course and resource is by my good buddy Kam Jennings, he produces training that cuts straight to the good stuff and delivers beyond what you pay for…..so go, go NOW, check it out, CLICK THE LINK or image below and pick up my super freebie bundle at the same time!!!



You will get my very own video course on how to power up into High Ticket Commissions, I previously had this full course on sale at $97.00

PLUS Mobilee “How to make $100/day using only a Mobile phone” by my very good friends Tervor Carr and Jono Armstrong this is a Full Product worth $27.00 but actually invaluable

And to give you another money making angle without needing, websites, email lists, autoresponders, product creation, just buying low and selling high. This is a domain name flipping method that is a crazy easy add on income creation course, normal price is $27.00







Parting Shot, there are a couple of things I urge you to do besides of course purchasing the course, resources and my full product bonuses:


  1. Go through the courses and their resources TWICE and use a notebook
  2. Take Action
  3. If you get overwhelmed, you need guidance on how to progress your online business, contact ME I am but an email or FB message away
  4. Take Action








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