Rob Moore – The Disruptive Entrepreneur Podcast

Rob Moore – The Disruptive Entrepreneur Podcast

Using Podcast Player apps on my smart devices has opened up a whole new world of productivity for me.

Being able to grab an episode or two of some of my favourite Podcasters whilst doing other things like travelling, sunbathing (lol) or doing manual tasks around the home is great time management.

Now one of my top vendors of the voice, is Rob Moore, whom I have subscribed to for around a year now and have found the diversity and quality of content is perfect. And I say perfect as his delivery is that of a “real person”…cliche perhaps but I feel nowadays people should pick up on being REAL on not vending BS.

Robs pedigree and rep precedes him of course and his regular podcasts underpin his knowledge and awareness as well as introducing us to many many extremely interesting people and topics.

I strongly advice you to give him a try (does that sound right/wrong lol) – Just follow the link, click the image or if use your podcast app to locate him – tell him I sent you hahah


The Disruptive Entrepreneur

Dominus Markham


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