“Can You Spare Some Change…………………..”

How many times have we all heard this? How does it make YOU feel…………what reaction does it provoke? Being honest my reaction is cynicism, rightly or wrongly I base my reaction on gut feeling Again, being totally truthful, if I felt this person asking was in genuine need, not someone already on a level of […]


A blur of passing thoughts Smears of changing sounds Visions slewing passed Wafting aromas prompting memories A Salvo of tastes The barrage of sounds buffeting Brain in Motion


Train,  a means of facilitating a journey… Train,  a process of intended growth Train,  a way in which we can achieve our goals Train, yourself and others,  share the journey Train…… Sent from BlueMail

Books The Secret Government Hopes Youll Never Read

There are books that get heavily promoted, wind up on bestseller lists everywhere before the ink has even dried on the pages, and you randomly see everyone at the airport carrying a copy under their arm as if they are being handed out for free with the plane tickets… And then there are books like […]

Light at the end of…..

…. tunnel A popular saying,  a phrase based on hope,  do you have it? If you don’t then you need to reprogram your mindset…. The light is always there,   and not with any religious connotations,  it is however about belief. A belief in who you are,  who you really are,  not the persona you offer […]

Marcel Craven – Silent Rebellions, Louder Than Bombs

Marcel Craven – Silent Rebellions, Louder than Bombs Where: Artlink, Hull When: Until November 5, 2016. Open Mon-Sat, 10-4pm. FREE An artist, writer and maker, Marcel Craven works across all disciplines, including painting, sculpture, video and installation. He completed his BA Contemporary Art Practice and MA in Visual Arts at the Hull School of Art.

Hitting The Wall

When we hit the wall, something we all do and in many areas of our lives, whether it be in physiological, emotional or financial facets. The Artist/Author “Wall” is an indeterminable barrier to be broken down often more than once even in the same project, perhaps even in the same day! Scribblers, as with other […]

Bricks and Mortar…. Mooncreations Indie Publishing Services

The bricks and mortar,  now fairly in place and my Indie Publishing Company is beavering away with the new landing page and marketing SEO for MoonCreations Publishing. A number of new authors have already approached regarding the services we offer,  as yet they’re not live/visible on the website. So in the meantime,  a rough overview […]

Publish And Be Damned

For the last few days I have pondered over the name I should give my new publishing company and no doubt began to over think what it should be. Should it be quirky, off beat, state specifically or a more sober brand name? I realised that I already had the name, I am, amongst one […]

Beached Wail

Reclining on a sunbed,  29c temperature,  a gentle soothing breeze buffeting around the Valencia beach and my excitement for my new business is bubbling up inside me. Why hadnt I thought of founding the indie publishing company years ago? Why hadnt I forged on with all of those written pieces I have put together over […]

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