Launch Levels Vol 1 by a Dude Called Kam

Launch Levels Vol 1 by a Dude Called Kam

So if you havent heard of Kam Jennings yet……….well, where HAVE you been?

Recently I was speaking to Kam about some of his successes online, his strategies and his plans for products.

Giving me something of a wry smile, he pointed me towards one of his latest creations:

Launch Levels Vol 1 – A 4 Module 12 Video Case Study showing the steps he took to create and launch a digital product that generated $13,400.51 in 5 DAYS!!


This is without doubt an Internet Marketers “Must Have”:

–>NO basic “how to set up” filler content
–>NO Secrets held back
–>NO confusing tech speak that you can’t understand
–>NO additional advertising that you need to purchase to make it work
–>NO fake experts teaching you stuff they have never done
–>NO giant learning curve that will take you forever to get set up and going


You HAVE seen this before… but the last time you saw it…it cost about $997 and was part of a coaching package. Kam’s taking you behind the curtain of his own personal business with this one.

To get all the details and lock-in a big discount, click the link below now…


(Kam is “one of the good guys” – He talks straight, NO BS – he knows his stuff)

To Our Continued Success

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