The word on the streets, one of the “must have” products is Instacode….and what would I say about that?  Well, as I know Michelle Thompson she kindly gave me a review copy of the product and asked for a no holds barred assessment and review of it….so here goes Michelle…hang on to your hat!!!

From my first visit to the sales page, I already knew the appeal this would have with people…people seeking an honest solution to an ongoing need.

The informational video will give you the connection with the real people behind the product immediately, and that is key in the market today.

The Instacode product consists of a very well written and easy to understand step by step walk through of the processes and systems required for people to make real money!!!

The ebook itself is well worth the currently low priced front end ticket, it is pretty much an out of the box solution. But Michelle goes further and digs deeper, producing more in depth video training on every stage of the system, so as to leave no doubt in the minds of the student as to what they can and need to do.

My real take away and indicator of the calibre both of the product and its creator is the sentence in the sales page:

“Now My Mission Is To Sift Through All the Crap and Deliver REAL Strategies That Actually Make Money…”

To me it speaks volumes about what you will get with this product and its associated resources and training.

The low priced front end doesnt mean you get low quality information, not by any means and the added value bonuses are worth tens of times the price tag…….plus of course and I must give mention to Bill Hugall who works with Michelle, he has put his name, case study and virtual stamp on the product………….need I say more?

Instacode has some extremely valuable add on’s (up sells, oto’s – one time offers) which again to be honest are ridiculously low priced but these are priceless add on’s that shouldn’t be missed.

The first OTO is Bill Hugall himself who is making a limited number of his “10k A Month Systems” available at a giveaway price

Then the OTO2 is Michelle’s Extra Value DFY – Done For You – Instacode Upgrade Specially Selected High Conversion Niche Templates created by Michelle specifically to get you up and running in next to no time – this is a “steal”

Michelle has also been working with Dirk Wagner and they are giving access to an awesome piece of software “Comment Manager” that will drive FREE TRAFFIC from your Facebook profile direct to your site!!!……need I say more?

So, go, NOW and tell Michelle I sent you.

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