“If You Look After The Sheep, You Can Always Eat Them Later”

“If You Look After The Sheep, You Can Always Eat Them Later”

Whilst this opening title may leave some reeling, perhaps a little upset even, look at it in context.

This phrase came from one of my crew of online entrepreneurs, this guy has a heart of gold and believes and aims for everything online, particularly in the marketing world to be ethical, with spam, porn or political BS.

Glen, a seasoned online developer and business man, owner and creator of TBANO.com (TEA-BAN-OH) was alluding to his willingness to help others from a mutual benefits perspective.

TBANO.com has been under development for some time, but now breaking through the digital tree’s to position itself as The Best Affiliate Network Online.



Glen is no stranger to the hands on side of creating online community, having developed, not through drag and drop or plugins, but from dedicated coding, many membership sites, traffic programs and mailer systems.

His current goal is to breathe life into the site, he already has a client base in the hundreds, but with a focus on building real interaction and visibility within a sometimes side lined community. Product Creators and Affiliates alike can promote their opportunities with pretty much as many bells and whistles as you would need.

Everything that goes in is also broadcast outwards to both Facebook and Twitter in order to increase the traction of each opportunity.

And to top it off, Glen has created an affiliate proposition for the site itself offering 50% commission for referrals that join and make purchases of enhancements to their posts/adverts.



A little bird, or was it sheep, told me, that if you get in quick, make a good post and show interest in increasing the content of the site and its visibility, he may just drop you some extra credits to be used in making YOUR adverts stand out that bit more…..tell him Dominus sent you…..he wont eat you on your first visit lol.







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