I Just Lost My Cherry………………

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Yup, it’s true and I had to share it with you……….

I lost my cherry today……………………my first Youtube Video Review!!!

I know its probably old hat to many and whilst I have video called people and jumped on a couple of “lives” on FB….I just never got round to doing any of my reviews using video….tut tut eh?

So what pushed me today?

Firstly, I have been approached by several well known online marketers to gain review access to their products and “put it out there”…..and I started thinking, some of these people deserve a little extra than just a written review……..

Secondly, I have been part of a fairly closed membership group formed by 3 well known online Super Affiliate IM Mentors for a while now and these guys are throwing the doors open for more members and actually, knowing the value of what they offer, it was a case of “How can I NOT shout this from the roof tops…..and how can I emphasise it even more?”

The result of a chain of events therefore led me to get of my lazy……well actually get back on to my lazy…..and concentrate and work out the whole screen capture video review thang….

Just last week I had been talking to my buddy Phil Lopez in the USA about this and he recommended a couple of good screencapture tools…one of which is Screencast-O-Matic…..and yes I had heard of it before but had put it on the back burner with the intentions, or did I? lol, of getting it up and running.



Well, I set up the free version to trial it a couple of days ago, and kinda “got it” really quickly……pondered a little, looked at what you got extra for buying the annual subscription and realised it was a case of, “If you are going to get into this you best get something that helps you do it easily”……………I threw caution to the wind and invested………errrmmmm, made that sound like I lost the shirt of my back…..but no, not even the price of a shirt lol………$18.00/annum…….everything you need including some sassy editing bits n bobs and I do like added whistles and bells dont you?



Go, go now!!! Well after you have read this fully of course……and BUY IT!!! >> [button link=”https://screencast-o-matic.com/refer/cbVU0HhWV5″ color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] CLICK[/button]

Right, so I am out and about on the old Video Review trail now, there will be no stopping me, in fact I have another IM buddy who has produced a fantastic product for which I will create a video review and we plan a 121 Interview session.

Now, I know the quality of the video footage of me in this first review isnt spectacular, but please keep in mind this was filmed in a cave………….yup you read that right…..a cave, I live in a cave in Spain….longish story but how cool is that? Caveman Dominus hahaha

See what you think of my first video review and if the content is of interest ensure you sign up for updates to this blog….in fact I made a special sign up form for you (just below the video)



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