I AM An Author – Lise Cartwright – Review by Dominus Markham

I AM An Author – Lise Cartwright – Review by Dominus Markham

Being an Author or even aspiring to be an Author, is in my mind a very special place to be…..on the one hand, once published you know you have released some “Inner you” that you wanted to shout out to anyone that is listening….aspiring to be an author is that point in ones life when you want it, may have dabbled or may have been too scared and not done anything BUT still have that inner drive to get your words written, printed and read….the start of a Journey..

Whether you are an author of much standing or more importantly someone who has the notion and creativity burning within, perhaps even someone already taking their first few steps….”I AM An Author by Lise Cartwright” is THE book to read.

This book is written in an easy style, like Lise is sat having a coffee with you and telling it how it is and what to do about it all drawn from real life experience and with real life phenomenal results.

I will certainly keep my eye out for the next Lise Cartwright book to add to my bookshelf..find Lise on Facebook






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In 90 days…kinda short time 🙂 if everything in life would be so easy ??


    Rather than challenge yourself, check it out, it is 99cents….it may just help you

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