Dear Fellow Freedom-Seeker…


Hi, it’s Lee Murray.

If you just watched my video, then you already know that my success came completely by accident. But yours absolutely isn’t going to.

Your success, my friend, is gonna happen by design.

I won’t let you flounder around like I did.

Luck isn’t going to have a whole heck of a lot to do with your rise to financial joy.

Nope, if in the very near future, you’re able to:


  • Go on vacations and return home with more moneythan you had when you left…
  • Pay cash for a vehicle that you love…
  • Stop worrying about your bills and debts once and for all…
  • Tell your boss to find someone else to torment…
  • Take care of your family in the way that they deserve…
  • Spend quality time with them and have a true impact on their lives…
  • Retire early, and retire well…
  • Live where you want, do what you want, and enjoy every minute of the day…

It’s going to be because you followed my system… period.

You’ll have me to thank, sure (hey, I take credit where it’s due)…

But more importantly, you’ll have yourself to thank for making this one simple life-changing decision today. Become an Affiliate Psycho right now, and achieving everything on the list above becomes possible.

Fail to take action, and these things remain elusive dreams that you’ll likely never get to enjoy.

Sorry to have to spell it out for you like that, but somebody’s GOT to.





There are a few reasons why my system reigns supreme over the rest, and why I say that it’s the ONLY system you’ll ever need to finally enjoy the success you deserve… 


  1. I actually careabout you. I’m not just trying to gain your business here. I am dedicated to helping you get real-world results. And I do everything in my power to make sure you do just that.
  2. This system MEETS YOU WHERE YOU’RE AT. Even if you’ve never earned a penny online, Affiliate Psycho will bring you up to speed in a hurry!
  3. This system is innovative in the RIGHT WAYS. And I believe that the most IMPORTANT innovations are those that will actually lighten your workload, simplify the process, and get you to actually TAKE ACTION because it’s just… so… darned… easy.

One of these innovations is my unique “Offers Page” strategy, which allows you to run as many campaigns as you want, yet still only have to manage ONE email list with just ONE welcome email. Brilliant!

  1. I don’t just tell you what to do, I give you the tools with which to do it!
  2. My system has a growth element built right in. Go through the cycle just ONE time… and the next time you do, your job is 80-90% COPY AND PASTE!
  3. You get to enjoy a snowball effect. You don’t just keep repeating the same results over and over. The more you do this, the more SERIOUS your income becomes!
  4. Affiliate Psycho has an “end game” built into it. Eventually, you can walk awayand the money will keep coming in! That’s thanks to my award-winning FREE “Traffic Factory” strategy.

Again, this system isn’t just different from other strategies out there. It’s clearly BETTER!



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