Good to see you here again ?

Now it may surprise you, when I say, I can actually buy and sell buttons for a great return…..can I hear a little laughter there?

Well, whether you’re laughing or not, I can confirm button trading is THE place to be…..for me it’s a daily search, looking for the best buttons, not always the shiniest, big buttons, little buttons, old buttons, new buttons, buy them, totally scrutinise them for quality and functionality.

Once I am totally happy with my button acquisitions I set to work devising the best way in which to go to market with my very best buttons….still a little titter I hear from the crowd?

OK, so those of you that know me reasonably well may well have read between the lines and understood much what I am chattering on about…..those that don’t and think I am perhaps just another eccentric Englishman who collects buttons……you could be PARTLY right hahahah!



Having been in the online business arena for several decades I have seen MANY “Shiny Buttons”, some of which I would classify as truly shiny, some which, in my opinion and experience, are far from shiny/attractive.

Of course, I am talking business opportunities here, for those not yet up to speed, and the buttons are those glittering adverts that promise so much, as long as you press the    button.

My writings in “Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit” will be a series of posts that will ultimately become a course that I intend to sell… if you follow it now and collect them….you get it ALL for FREE!!! (Nice guy huh??)

Throughout this course, I will be highlighting, best practice, recommended tools and suggestions of routes that can be taken in this Digital Jungle…because there are more than one positive way of conducting a profitable business online.

Do you think the word “business” is overstating what you thought or wanted making money online to be?  Well, truth is, if you DON’T see this as a business, chances are you will make little or NO MONEY online.

We have all heard the phrase, “tyre kickers” and  I am sure many of us have encountered them in every walk of life…..this course, this making online income, is definitely NOT for tyre kickers.

Treat this as a business, focus on it being a business, be serious and passionate about it and APPLY YOURSELF to it.

Right the last 3 paragraphs were intended to be spoken/read in a very serious business-like voice, there may be more times ongoing that my serious voice comes out, but it is purely to ensure we all understand the way we will progress what we do here.

I want to start out with the initial tools we need with which to start our business.



Firstly, and contrary to some shiny button adverts you will have seen, you NEED a WEBSITE. Yes there are ways to set about getting products and services out there without one, but ultimately to grow a business in any niche you will ALWAYS need at least one website.

Now before you start wringing your hands in despair at the cost of getting a website and associated hosting, it can be done very cheaply, and I don’t want you thinking “Oh I will get one of those sites that comes with it’s own name”, things like WIX and the like, I am not disrespecting the latter, they are fine for the hobbyists of the world, but we are setting up a business here.

I know a guy who can help you with domain names, websites and hosting lol…..yes moi, something I have done for many years and predominantly focused on startup individuals. If you want help or suggestions on how to progress this facet, ping me from  (OH!!! Did I not tell you I may be littering my course with self-promotion lol)

My initial guidelines on websites are:

  • Get a domain name that is YOUR name (or as close as possible)
  • Get a WordPress site (you will thank me for that in the future!)
  • Get your domain name email set up and USE IT

(not gmail/Hotmail etc) – your business needs branding, best brand there is is YOU!

OK, so go now and set yourself up, get that domain and web hosting and if you need any help, feel free to ask.

You can also grab me via my facebook profile: [ Just CLICK the bottle top below – which is a form of button ]



In the next chapter I will be covering lots of sources of income, my thoughts and observations and some tips on how to get the best out of them for little or NO dollars down, sound good? Cool, see you soon!!!!


To our continued success







2.How to Buy and Sell Buttons for Profit