How to be a YouTube Rockstar

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SO, you’re a wanna be YouTube “Rockstar”?

You know there is money to be made on YouTube and you can gain visitors to your offers/websites/blogs?

Well here’s something you probably DON’T know…..Less than 32% of all searches made on YouTube (the 2nd biggest search engine in the world and part of the Google empire) are actually made in English!

So, what does that mean to YOU, well it means you could potentially be missing out on viewers, subscribers and visitors that are not native english speakers.

Now I am sure some of you will be thinking, well a) I don’t speak any other language b) I tend only to send my offer to english speakers…

Well, YOU don’t have to be able to speak another language (I have a service that will translate all of your YouTube descriptions into another 9 popular search languages). 

Opening your offer to non-native english speakers means you can increase eyeballs on your offer, YouTube will see that as a positive and rank you higher and its big brother Google will also take that on board.

Getting visitors/traffic to your videos and offers is a numbers game, you may know that, BUT its actually more about getting niche targeted visitors.

So what you also need are niche specific tags or keywords that allow people who may be interested in the subject matter of your video…..when using popular tags or keywords people are able to find you videos more easily and if you can translate those tags or keywords into other languages, you start to tap into the other 68% of non-native english speakers…..

I can offer you a one off keyword/tag analysis and one video description translation into 9 popular Youtube search languages for a VERY modest fee. I will also give you free advice on the way your video description and title should be worded for best effect.

Normally this service sells at $19.95 per video, without keyword analysis but times are hard and people need a helping hand, so I am offering this service for just $7.95 for a one off translation, keyword analysis and help with video description…..OR for just $11.95/month you can have up to 4 videos a month translated.

Just reply to this message “YOUTUBESPECIAL” and we can get to work on raising the awareness of your YouTube channel and videos.

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