Feeling Content – The Value Of Quality Creation

Feeling Content – The Value Of Quality Creation

Feeling Content – The Value Of Quality Creation

Our days are filled with fleeting glimpses of images, videos, words, things to inform us and sell to us.

We are now living at such a fast pace that information has to stand out from the deluge…..visual media needs catch the eye and with the written word has to spark an immediate interest.

Now for those who create content, myself included, the task at hand to be worthy of the casual observers attention takes years of experience and skill.

My Online Marketing company, web development company and traffic generation services all depend on being unique, informative and quality.



Looking at many online offerings, I note that people replicate far too much. A common practise is “copy n paste”, its quick and easy and takes no thought…..but of course that means it is not unique, possible lacks quality and becomes the “same old same old”.

There are those that fool themselves by copying content, throwing it into a “content spinner” software and think taking credit is an okay thing to do, and possibly without even proof reading what gets spat out at the other end.

I guess I am kind of old school, I ENJOY the process if content creation. Crafting words, images and videos that demand attention is satisfying when you know its all your own work.

Obviously with the number of business outlets I have built, there are not enough hours in the day to be a one person band (I nearly out one man band but wondered if that was pc or not).

So what do you do?  Again, I know the tactic of several people is to hire VA’s (Virtual Assistants), which on the face of it isnt a really bad thing to do. However I have also noted that as people move to that strategy the quality and value of the output begins to diminish.  If I were to be in the market of recruiting VA’s I would need them to echo the qualities I would expect from myself and that I would oversee everything that went out, because at the end of the day, it has my name/brand on it.

My tactic? Get to know people of great skill and experience, work on small projects together, so how it “feels”….does their style and ability align with mine and vice versa? From there we can look at discussing the options to an ongoing work relationship, to our mutual advantage.



I am a self professed geek and I work with computers just about every day BUT I do not want to work with robots or drones. Aiming to be different, offering value and quality in the products and services I offer is key to my daily activity.

So, when you look at what I offer, whether its web development, social media marketing, content creation, or traffic generation, be assured I will only stand behind things I know from a personal perspective.

For me, my work ethic leaves me “feeling content”

Feel free to comment/discuss

Until next time

Dominus Owen Markham

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