EZ Passive Days Review and Bonuses

EZ Passive Days Review and Bonuses

On March 4th at 11AM EST I am finally going to be releasing EZ Passive Paydays.

I’ve been busy putting this course together with everything you need to succeed for the past 2 months and you’re going to love it.

The method I teach in this course is a really easy way for anyone to start earning $100-$200 per day in passive income online.

In the video below watch my complete EZ Passive Paydays review and make sure you click on one of the links below to get on the early-bird list for discounts & fast-action bonuses.


>>Click Here to Get EZ Passive Paydays with Early-Bird Discount<<

>>Click Here to Get EZ Passive Paydays with Early-Bird Discount<<

Pricing & Funnel

Main Course – ($12) is a 9-module video training course that teaches you how to make $100-$200 per day in passive income with a very simple method.

Upgrade 1 ($27) – My Outsourcer Rolodex – Quite possibly the most valuable asset in my business. After 4 years and spending thousands of dollars I have put together this ‘rolodex’ of the best of the best outsourcers online. Priceless.

Upgrade 2 ($37) – EZ Passive Paydays Done For You WordPress Theme – I’ve had a special theme developed for this money-making method that will make it fast & easy to get started + boost your profits.

Upgrade 3 ($97) – 100% Reseller/License Rights – You’ll get to sell EZ Passive Paydays as your very own course and keep 100% of the money. This is even more valuable than normal resell rights because it includes a custom WP Theme.

>>Grab Your Copy of EZ Passive Paydays w/ Discount<<

My Review of EZ Passive Paydays

Ok, here are my thoughts.

Of course I am going to be biased because this is my own course.

I’ve put a lot of work into this and my whole goal with this project to put together something that ANYONE can use to start making passive income.

This method is VERY simple and produces real results. (Yes, this is something I actually do!)

EZ Passive Paydays is all about making really good passive income with super simple websites & matching them up with very specific affiliate offers that payout very well.

I’ve been personally using this method more and more in my business since I perfected the formula.

Ok, so now on to the actual pros and cons of EZ Passive Paydays.

The Pros – if you have this course you’ll have everything you need to get to $100-$200 per day with a method is literally wide open.

It’s a brand-new method that not many per are doing, especially not the way I teach it here.

Also, this method is extremely easy to scale up as well.

Now on to the cons.

This method does involve a bit of work in the beginning, not much but you do have to setup a simple website.

Luckily for you though if you take me up on my upgrade #2 you can grab my custom done-for-you wordpress theme which will help you boost your profits and get setup much easier/faster.

If you have any questions, simply post them in the comments section and I’ll answer them as best I can.

>>EZ Passive Paydays + Get the Early-Bird Discount<<

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