Some months ago, whilst sifting for a new add on residual income stream, and challenge, I happened across a website which pointed towards an opportunity I hadn’t previously seen, and being some two decades in internet marketing I was surprised I hadn’t!

I didn’t look for reviews as it was a really low cost start up, and in my view worth a cheeky look, part of the sign-up process was to have an allocated mentor and team leader. My team leader was Karen Richardson, being honest, I hadn’t at that point heard of her either…. but the net is a big old thang.

I quickly realised Karen is a force to be reckoned with, and I mean that in the nicest possible way. Karen is clearly intelligent and an entrepreneur through and through and even with a young family she has applied herself to “the industry” manifesting as a sheer powerhouse of success.

Karen, has, like many of us, had her share of knocks, something she will openly talk to you about, but has picked herself up and grown from those knocks. Now in a position where she wields great authority in the online profit creation arena with several web based opportunities that she champions and mentors’ others to success, her aim is always to share her knowledge and experience with others.

I strongly advise you, if you have intentions of learning about how to be successful and have had enough of the fakes out there, visit Karen’s main website crushitwithKaren.com, sign up to her blog and track her down on Facebook, and let her know Dominus sent you 🙂


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