Blueprint To An Entrepreneurial Future – Dominus Markham

Blueprint To An Entrepreneurial Future – Dominus Markham

Its easy to state, “I am an Entrepreneur”….see, easy….but really is it what you are or aspire to be?

I find the concept interesting as I am sure many people either label themselves in such a way because it lends weight to their modus operandi in their business concerns or some will apply the label to a person based on a perceived activity.

Do we see the Entrepreneur as the super successful one, always way ahead of the game?

What is the definition of an Entrepreneur?

Well actually it means someone that sets up a business or businesses with a financial risk purely based on the hope of profit…..so….is that you?

Truth is, business is a risk more and more these days, whether we flip burgers or buy and sell precious commodities….no certainty in any of it. Nor indeed is there a proven profit track for online business, Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Creating Digital Products….writing books.

HOWEVER, if you are an Entrepreneur you may see the potential, know that you are willing to give it your all, take a punt and plan for profit and live in hope for it yields what you sow…….are you and Entrepreneur?

I believe, you either are or are not an Entrepreneur, almost by default….you will have developed a spirit and drive through life experiences that makes you that person. A person often classified as one of the 4% of the population whilst the other 96% allow themselves, or feel more “comfortable” opting for the 9-5 kind of existence.

There is no way I would ever decry the 96%ers, life is about living it YOUR way, best you can and if that works for you, all power to you.

Me, well, I am an Entrepreneur and have set up businesses, income opportunities for many many years…and yes risked and yes LOST…..not always, but indeed I have lost, both money and time…..BUT, I have also seen such occurrences as the steps in the journey that have made where I am today possible.

And, as is my want, I will continue in this Entrepreneurial spirit for as long as there is a life force within….its how I am wired.

NOW…..I thought I might share something with you, as you have been good enough to read my ramble. I put together a new book called “Blueprint To An Entrepreneurial Future”, my initial intention was to sell it and make it a lead in to some projects I have cooking right now. But, I thought, for those setting out on the trail or actually already on it, this book, which contains 100 pointers/guidelines for Entrepreneurs, this may be a nice GIFT…..so yes, here you go, just fill the form below and go get it…its yours for FREE.


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