And he did it all from a van down by the river…

And he did it all from a van down by the river…

At the outset of this review, I will point out that I only review or promote products and services that I believe are honest, ethical and REAL…and Kam, is all of those, so please read on….

Yesterday Kam launched his new product “The Drive: Zero to $1,296 MONTHLY!” and I have been going through the training.



What I find really interesting is that Kam did most of this course from his van while taking a road trip.  That’s actually why he called it The Drive.  He used post it notes stuck to his dashboard to remember his talking points along the way.


Not only that, but he really goes into depth and explains solutions for pretty much every obstacle that you might face when trying to start a membership program.  And he shows you how to do it all with simple easy to understand language and free to almost free methods.

This is a guy who truly walks the walk.  He has an office a mile down the road with a fancy computer he could have recorded this course from but he didn’t want to.



He was trying to inspire people to take action no matter what obstacles they faced.



This is a really awesome training that deserves your attention.  It’s worth your time and your money.  Do check it out!


To Our continued success!!!


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