Continuing from the first chapter in this course, I am presuming you either have of plan to have a domain and website on standby ready to roll your sleeves up and do some graft (that’s work where I come from) or already have one setup.

No matter what level of understanding you have about website creation or marketing at this stage, you need it to be “live” as soon as possible and the domain you use should in preference have an SSL Certificate . This was never a prerequisite prior to the start of October 2017, but then good ole Google thang decided to force a new algorithm which means if you DON’T have an SSL certificate Google Chrome browsers will highlight that fact and deem your site “in secure”.



NOTE: Whilst there are “free” methods of acquiring these certificates, the time you take creating and tending isn’t really worth it. However, be careful as there are plenty of people out there trying to make a fast and very big buck out of this, a common rate from the domain supplier should be in the region of $10 to $30….I say this because I have seen those charging $100 – $900!

My advice, if you didn’t have one sold to you when you bought your domain name, is GET ONE, if you don’t, your ability to reap the rewards of traffic will be limited to say the least.

Right, that was my super serious bit for this chapter….onwards…let’s talk about where the money is online.

[This list highlights SOME of the main players]







PLR (Private Label Rights)



Let’s look at each of these, some of which I am sure many of us recognise.

     Ebay, it’s been around forever and I am sure you all know it, list a product at either a buy now price or set an auction to sell. Now I have an ebay account and from memory have done for around 13 years, having bought, sold and auctioned all kind of “stuff” I know my way around that system.

If you have a product (tangible) whether old or new, it’s easy enough to get started and start turning some coin, though you have to be aware of all the charges that come into play, listing costs, final fee on purchase cost and of course PayPal scrapes it’s chunk off you at some point.

That said, YES, you can make money here, and there are many great courses out there that will help you work out good strategies to get started.

     Etsy, been around a while (had an account for 4 years), it’s growing massively and has, in my mind a solid business model. The charges are minimal in comparison to Ebay and the user interface is much friendlier. The main aim of Etsy, however is to market hand crafted items, so selling there is about you (or someone you know or associate with) creating individual products and marketing them. NOTE: because items are hand crafted they tend to attract a higher ticket than conventional products of their niche.



     Ecommerce, so, this I am going to use as an umbrella term for any product or service someone may want to sell/offer to the world. This uses your own website as a frontend to market said items.

You may be a joiner, a seamstress, a candlestick maker, a writer, a lawyer, a builder, a yoga teacher etc etc etc and are looking to set up your business within a given niche (or actually already have). Now in order to promote any of these things we need to get what you are offering in front of as many eyes as possible.

Whilst people still give out business cards and utilise word of mouth referral, it is more and more common for people to seek out a product or service via a search of the internet and/or substantiate the business card/word of mouth referral.

As you will be aware, the Internet is MASSSSSSIVE!!!!! So, putting your website out there means it has huge competition and therefore you need to be aware of techniques and services that assist in the promotion of your niche. More of this another time….it all connects.


     Clickbank, JVZoo, Warriorplus (Affiliate products), I have grouped these 3 together as they have similarities. The business model here is that you don’t have to have any products at all, you purely pick a product or service created by someone else, promote it and when a purchase is made via your unique link, you get paid a commission….schweeeet, no?

The affiliate income method is one of my favourites, to be honest, but of course it takes work and knowledge to do this effectively (worry not I will be covering this further in future chapters)

For now go to each of them and sign up for accounts ITS FREE BY THE WAY and have a sniff around at whats on offer. Each of the 3 also have inbuilt training areas to help you get up and running.

Please note there are tons more affiliate programs out there, but these are the 3 main players I would direct you to.



     PLR (Private Label Rights), ok, so are any of you scratching your noggins (heads), as to what this is? Well, it’s another of my preferred income creation methods….people make products/courses which they do all the hard toil on, then sell YOU the rights to resell it at a 100% profit to YOU!!! Not a bad gig huh?

Now I am sure you can see the benefits of this and actually if you’re like me, you will also want to create PLR products for other people to buy as this adds to your authority in the www arena. Creating your own courses, ebooks and reports, can, however be very time consuming… at least at the start of this journey I would advise you “buy the buttons and sell the buttons” ?


So, there we have several business models, all of which will generate an income, but equally, and don’t let any of those shiny button manufacturers kid you otherwise, ALL WILL NEED WORK!!!!

I have no intention trying to mislead you here, running a business/making money is REAL WORK…but one that YOU are in charge of, the more you put in, whether through work or investments of any kind, like all business will reap rewards for you.

Next up, in Chapter 3. I will cover Social Media Marketing, again giving you a pointer to the primaries and methods in which to harness them to your advantage ?

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To our continued success



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