2 Golden Opportunities – Dont Miss This!!! – Reviewed by Dominus Markham

2 Golden Opportunities – Dont Miss This!!! – Reviewed by Dominus Markham

As many of you know, I have been involved with online business in its many forms for a long…yup….long time. My success in the digital world and actually offline businesses has been due to my ability to

  1.  Keep my eye on the ball
  2.  Be an entrepreneur and take the risk
  3.  Understanding that to “get something out you need to put something in”

Now when it comes to making money online, the options are vast, the pitfalls, many. However there are some “golden nuggets” and through my association with other successful entrepreneurs, I was handed 2 such “golden nuggets” within 24hrs of each other just days ago.


Of course before I decided to broadcast the validity of these opportunities, I had to review each of them, do my in depth background checks and call my network together to assess them.

Either option, it  turns out, is a quality, robust income stream and service as a totally stand alone opportunity. BUT incredibly, combine the two, as they can be, you have not just got GOLD, I see this as DYNAMITE!!!

Firstly I want to draw your attention to the needs of an online business in that of course putting your website out there, doing some SEO and such, gets the ball rolling, but actually at a microscopical level.

A deal of work is required to both kickstart and maintain an online business and investment in the tools of the trade will always be necessary to expect the returns you hope for.

We know we need traffic, we know we need leads, we know we need a list….some of you will know that another primary prerequisite is having a solid autoresponder service in place to bring all of the latter together and start to automate your communication, servicing and promoting of products/services.

Driving traffic is an art in itself and mostly not without cost, qualifying leads and building a list again there is both a monetary and time value…communicating follow ups, campaigns, promotions etc will also take time and resources. The dime soon turns into a dollar and the dollars into hundreds per month, hitting your bottom line before you even produce your products!!!

So, I spend money on advertising, creating promotional materials, landing/capture pages for the front end of many of my products and opportunities, I have an autoresponder that allows me to write a workflow to respond to peoples purchases and set up follow ups. The cost runs into…well I am sure you can imagine.

Right let’s get to the goodies shall we?


How would it be if you had a system that gave you lots of DFY (Done For You) Landing Page Templates?

Virtual Postcards to promote your business with?

Web pages?

Embed codes, so you can use any of the templates, which you can edit to your own preferences by the way, into any existing site you may have.

A built in autoresponder to do your follow ups, send out campaigns, create newsletters?

A built in leads creation system?

A money making opportunity already built in?

A system born from almost 2 decades in the Marketing business?

How’s that all sounding?

To top that off there is some really PRIME training and Lead Generation….BUILT IN!!!



Now the person that told me about this was laughing as I heard the list of elements within the system, because they knew I was mentally adding up what the potential cost of this was going to be and guessing it to be more than the couple of hundred I was currently spending on similar plus time costs.   From there I went to a jaw drop moment, they told me the usual monthly was $297.00, which didn’t surprise me in the least……………………..they then said, at the moment they have a FREE trial door open for a week, and after that it was just $30.00!!!!



So, I think its quite clear as to what I did, and went straight into it and immersed myself with its options……it’s a DEFINITE RECOMMEND from me, check it out by going to my main website: www.dominusmarketing.com

You will not be sorry!!!

Next on the list, which as luck would have it came literally less than 24hrs later via another seasoned IM…..but first, before I show you this, I want to give you a short piece from www.frugaljourney.com to set the scene:

Brexit, US election, financial crisis: “Political decisions brisk up the gold price”

Recent headlines have been flooded by political uncertainty. From the unprecedented Brexit vote to the surprising result of the US presidential election, major political decisions have caused markets to become unstable. In response to this volatility, more and more people are beginning to refocus their investments on to precious metals. This major transition has seen the value of gold rise significantly in the recent months. Overall, this points to a growing movement from more traditional forms of investment to newer, alternative solutions. Gold, with its high worth and proven reliability, is quickly becoming the best choice for investors who want to remain protected from the constant fluctuations of the markets caused by political decisions.


So, what thoughts has that provoked in you?

Does the uncertainty of the paper economy make you feel a little uneasy, the fact that banks pretty much don’t give hardly any interest on investment and go all out to charge you for absolutely everything.

Of course from there I delved into the reality of what was being shown to me, the chance to invest in Gold….yes…buy Gold as an added security for the future.  What I also found was that this service can be used as a means to make commissions as they have a linked affiliate scheme, so even if you don’t want to invest in gold in the first instance, there is a way of creating a residual income from the service!



I watched hours of videos, talked to a massive catchment of my financial business associates and discovered

  1. I had been missing the bus as several of them already started saving
  2. The commission incomes are excellent
  3. Start saving from as little as $7

The organisation behind this system, based in Stuttgart, Germany, are approved by the LBMA – London Bullion Market Association

Now, I am not sure of your take on the current global economy, but in my opinion any means of taking out some sort of financial safety net for the future is not to be missed…..so I personally am NOT missing it and have signed up both as an investor and for the business opportunity, I urge you to look here: http://gold.dominusmarketing.com

And there we have it, TWO GOLDEN NUGGETS…….but, I hear you saying, you said these could work together!




Indeed they can, I am part of a Secret Syndicate that has researched and developed a means to harness the Marketing System to plug the Gold system directly in. Meaning with a few copy and paste actions the syndicate give you the set up for Landing Page, Sales Page and all follow up scripts PLUS you are able to join the Syndicate for ongoing support to grow your business…………..once again…..no brainer.

So hit those links and lets get cooking people, one or both opportunities will give you the income you desire, combine them and you will encounter possibilities beyond that.

To our continued success


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